42 Rules to Jumpstart Your Professional Success (2nd Edition)

42 Rules to Jumpstart Your Professional Success (2nd Edition)

Author: Bud Bilanich

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 9781607731108

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 134

View: 383

'42 Rules to Jumpstart Your Personal and Professional Success (2nd Edition)' is a guide to common sense career development, entrepreneurial achievement and life skills. Author Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Guy, has been helping people succeed for over 30 years. He's spent the last 10 years studying successful people, cracking the code to success. He shares what he's learned in this book. Bud shares stories of personal and professional triumphs and failures and what he learned from them. He also tells other people's stories that he finds inspiring. Written in a straightforward, common sense manner, '42 Rules to Jumpstart Your Personal and Professional Success (2nd Edition)' provides the reader with practical, down to earth advice on how to create a successful life and career. In this book you will learn how to: take responsibility for your life and career become more self confident create positive personal impact become and outstanding performer become a dynamic communicator become more interpersonally competent. Others have called Bud's writing on personal and professional success, "brilliant," "authentic yet forceful," "practical and actionable," and "easily readable wisdom." Get your own copy of 42 Rules to Jumpstart Your Personal and Professional Success (2nd Edition) and see for yourself.

Success Plan and Positioning Strategy 7.0

Success Plan and Positioning Strategy 7.0

Author: Vicente Njoku

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 9781478759980

Category: Self-Help

Page: 187

View: 956

The Success Plan and Positioning Strategy 7.0 emphasizes research and strategizing to improve personal and business performance, personal and group development, and strategies to maximize potential by bridging the distance between a plan and a successful outcome. This book is a valuable resource for anyone striving to reach their goals! With an easy-to-follow blueprint for developing a success plan and positioning strategy, Njoku’s book offers fundamental elements that are essential to closing the gap between ideas and desired results, highlighting the following keys to success: - Acknowledge change and work on improving areas that will help the reader achieve their goals. Create chances for success by setting realistic goals. - Focus on primary objectives and avoid unwarranted distractions that may derail the reader from reaching the finish line. Think about every option and the possibilities of bringing a vision to reality. - Believe a goal is attainable if the necessary steps are taken to reach it. - Develop steps that will help the reader achieve primary objectives. Use the concept to develop a roadmap to take a plan from inception to completion. - Manage time efficiently by acting on plans and focusing on priorities. - Measure achievements, and keep or re-evaluate the plan as necessary to achieve or maintain desired results. - Explore the journey through life with passion, tenacity and a success strategy designed specifically for the reader.

The Seven Powers of Success

The Seven Powers of Success

Author: Charles Marshall

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736952347

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 254

Question: What’s better than a magic wand, fairy dust, or good luck? Answer: The power to take control of your life and improve your situation. You hold the keys your to success. Use your amazing powers to choose what you want in life, see where your current choices are leading you, and take action to keep your life on course. Charles Marshall shows how to learn from failure, lead with character, and believe when others don’t. He provides the inspiration and guidance you need to flourish in every area of your life, including... deep and meaningful relationships financial responsibility and freedom emotional balance and vitality Question: You are designed to succeed, but are you destined to succeed? Answer: It’s up to you.

Outdoor Navigation with GPS

Outdoor Navigation with GPS

Author: Stephen W. Hinch

Publisher: Wilderness Press

ISBN: 0899976522

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 232

View: 486

For outdoor adventurers who hike, fish, kayak, cross-country ski, or mountain bike in the backcountry, a GPS receiver can help them reach their destination and return safely -- but only if they know how to use it! Here is the guide to getting the most out of a GPS receiver, from basic consumer advice to advanced techniques. It even includes fun solo and team games that utilize GPS. Starting with essential definitions and moving on to creating waypoints, and using your GPS with a computer, this succinct book teaches the basics of navigation and outdoor GPS use. Advanced techniques are covered, such as creating custom maps, and new technologies are discussed, including using GPS-enabled mobile phones, and how to use GPS with Google Earth and Google Maps. With years of experience as a GPS instructor, Hinch is well-versed in all aspects of navigation and GPS use, and he covers them in a jargon-free, easy-to-follow style.



Author: Oliver Myers

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452590790

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


View: 301

Discover the power within. Aligning your core values with happiness can be the greatest gift to celebrate. As a visionary and certified harmony integration specialist, Oliver Myers places you in the driver’s seat of your success. Using happiness as a stimulus, your journey starts with high energy and 100 percent attention, allowing for a better learning experience and a deep understanding. Fulfillment peels the layers back, while illuminating another perspective, displaying beauty and confidence in your skills as well as faults. Making the art of increasing happiness a daily practice, you will not only enjoy the book—you will fall in love with yourself. Exploring your every aspect from an observers view, vision widens. A new outlook clarifies the full picture and see what you have been missing.

Own Your Tech Career

Own Your Tech Career

Author: Don Jones

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781638356578

Category: Computers

Page: 264

View: 772

Own Your Tech Career: Soft skills for technologists is a guide to taking control of your professional life. It teaches you to approach your career with planning and purpose, always making active decisions towards your goals. Summary In Own Your Tech Career: Soft skills for technologists, you will: Define what “success” means for your career Discover personal branding and career maintenance Prepare for and conduct a tech job hunt Spot speed bumps and barriers that can derail your progress Learn how to navigate the rules of the business world Perform market analysis to keep your tech skills fresh and relevant Whatever your road to success, you’ll benefit from the toolbox of career-boosting techniques you’ll find in Own Your Tech Career: Soft skills for technologists. You’ll discover in-demand communication and teamwork skills, essential rules for professionalism, tactics of the modern job hunt, and more. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the technology A successful technology career demands more than just technical ability. Achieving your goals requires clear communication, top-notch time management, and a knack for navigating business needs. Master the “soft skills,” and you’ll have a smoother path to success and satisfaction, however you define that for yourself. About the book Own Your Tech Career: Soft skills for technologists helps you get what you want out of your technology career. You’ll start by defining your ambition—whether that’s a salary, a job title, a flexible schedule, or something else. Once you know where you’re going, this book’s adaptable advice guides your journey. You’ll learn conflict resolution and teamwork, master nine rules of professionalism, and build the confidence and skill you need to stay on the path you’ve set for yourself. What's inside Personal branding and career maintenance Barriers that derail progress The rules of the business world Market analysis to keep tech skills fresh About the reader For tech professionals who want to take control of their career. About the author Microsoft MVP Don Jones brings his years of experience as a successful IT trainer to this engaging guide. Table of Contents 1 Own your career 2 Build and maintain your brand 3 Network 4 Be part of a technology community 5 Keep your tech skills fresh and relevant 6 Show up as a professional 7 Manage your time 8 Handle remote work 9 Be a team player 10 Be a team leade 11 Solve problems 12 Conquer written communications 13 Conquer verbal communications 14 Resolve conflicts 15 Be a data-driven, critical thinker 16 Understand how businesses work 17 Be a better decision-maker 18 Help others 19 Be prepared for anything 20 Business math and terminology for technologists 21 Tools for the modern job hunt

Becoming Successful (Harvesting Your Success)

Becoming Successful (Harvesting Your Success)

Author: Gaddiel R. Ackah

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781662425394

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 242

View: 997

Conclusion. When moments pass in our lives and we realize that our lives mismatch the life we imagined in our past, its better we change our current choices, decisions, and dreams so that we can enjoy better life in future because everything you are doing now reflects your life in the future. We reap what we sow. Successful life is never a mere hoping and wishing, but it’s about active doing, active determination, and active becoming by sowing meaningful big dreams and investments today to get meaningful life tomorrow. Becoming successful is not limited to age, location or education. It is only limited to ‘I won’t’. Success depends on principles and positive use of your brain. The human brain including yours are the storehouse of all the magic we need to heal all the wounds of unsuccessful lives in our world. Just change your altitude and take first step to begin something now and you will enjoy success as J. K. Rowling said “We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the powers we need inside ourselves already”. It’s never too late, too young or too old to begin planning your future from now and get started all over by dreaming newer goals and possibilities today for a better future. Officer Ackah, using practical examples, prompts readers that the great technological and infrastructural advancements and positions in the United States and elsewhere did not magically fall from the sky, but they were created by the positive application of the minds of ordinary people like you. This book helps you to change your altitudes, thinking and get started to create unimaginable successes, advancements and positions in our world to place you on top, and you will become the topic of remembrance. Officer Ackah, speaking from personal experiences of victory and success from both the civilian and military points, has provided the positive, passionate, practical and possible principles to arouse your appetite for creating unbelievable successes to change your life exceptionally and to effect inimitably the transformation of our world. Gaddiel R Ackah is encouraging readers in finding freedom in their lives to overcome the three mistakes that block successful living; fear to identify one’s purposes in life, ignorant of how powerful their brain can work to change things and the misunderstanding of creating desirable successes. He prompts that you are not living to tiptoe and die but to achieve your dreams by your positive and courageous daily choices and investments. When life is not okay, but you are struggling in life, this book is for you to reexamine and change your goal, job title, and social status. 2 2

RESULTS Coaching Next Steps

RESULTS Coaching Next Steps

Author: Kathryn Kee

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781506342993

Category: Education

Page: 240

View: 962

Grow yourself in order to grow your team. Do you spend your days managing others only to find you’re still putting out fires? Leadership coaching is a better way to impact change. At the crux of coaching culture is mindset—learn how to cultivate the mindset to grow yourself first before leading others. This book will help you: Learn to use neuroscience research productively Expand your use of communication skills Understand examples of leaders implementing coach-like behaviors into everyday practice Learn specific approaches to supervise and coach for growth Approach difficult conversations with confidence

Life as Sport

Life as Sport

Author: Jonathan Fader

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780738218960

Category: Self-Help

Page: 272

View: 933

Why do sports captivate people? They allow us to watch human beings achieve peak performance, but, beyond physical strength and skill, what's really impressive is an athlete's mental prowess -- their will to succeed, engagement with their environment, and self-confidence. In Life as Sport, sport psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader shares the skills that he teaches professional athletes--to enhance motivation, set productive goals, sharpen routines, manage stress, and clarify thought processes--and applies them to real-world situations. Dr. Fader's book is the product of thousands of hours of conversations with athletes from various teams and sports: power forwards, tennis phenoms, power-hitting outfielders, and battle-scarred linebackers, as well as hedge-fund managers, entrepreneurs, A-list actors, and dozens of other elite achievers in sports, business, and performing arts. It offers a compendium of stories, theories, and techniques that have been helpful to players, coaches, and executives in professional sports. What emerges is more than just a set of techniques, but a life philosophy that anyone can live by: an internal code to help translate our talent and drive toward the highest plateaus of performance. Dr. Fader designs his strategies to be studied, learned, practiced, and improved. He offers his readers the same exercises that he uses in every session with a professional athlete. These exercises help you to get truly engaged, whether you are designing a new business plan, working to inspire a team or individual, or even falling in love. This is what it means to truly live life as sport--to approach it with the same immediacy, wonder, and engagement that athletes feel at their peak during a game. Life as Sport helps you to pursue your own goals with an enriched intensity -- not only because it creates new potential, but also because it helps you unlock what was always there to begin with.

42 Rules for Creating WE (2nd Edition)

42 Rules for Creating WE (2nd Edition)

Author: Judith E. Glaser

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 9781607730491

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 147

View: 732

Currently, most organizations today operate in an "I" paradigm. In this arena, we keep score "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine." We are taught to control our needs and emotions because they are destructive---logic prevails. We are punished for making mistakes and we hide our thoughts for fear of losing our power or status. In a WE paradigm, things are different. '42 Rules for Creating WE' offers new insights from thought leaders in neuroscience, organizational development, and brand strategy, introducing groundbreaking practices for bringing the spirit of WE to any organization, team or cause.This book is written by The Creating WE Institute, an international group of critical thinkers with multi-disciplinary expertise, who have come together to harvest new forms of engagement and innovation in the workplace. The Creating WE Institute's mission is bring a spirit of WE to organizations currently operating as a group of I's.