Women, Work, and Divorce

Women, Work, and Divorce

Author: Richard R. Peterson

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0887068588

Category: Social Science

Page: 198

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This book considers how women cope with the economic hardship which accompanies divorce, using national longitudinal data on a generation of women in the United States. These women came of age at a time when they were expected to give priority to family roles over work roles. Yet by the time many of them were divorced in the 1970s, with the climate of changing perceptions of gender roles, women were expected to work, and were unprepared for the economic disruption caused by divorce. Peterson analyzes the experiences of women drawing upon sociological and economic approaches to the study of labor market outcomes, and of life-cycle events. He shows how over the long term most divorced women can make at least a partial recovery, but divorced women with children have a more difficult time making work adjustments, and experience greater economic deprivation. Given the continuing high rates of divorce, Peterson's findings highlight the importance of work rather than marriage for women's economic security.

Divorce Lawyers at Work

Divorce Lawyers at Work

Author: Lynn Mather

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195349269

Category: Law

Page: 256

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How do lawyers think about and make the important decisions that constitute the day-to-day practice of law? This book explores that question through an extensive empirical study of lawyers practicing divorce law in New England. The authors emphasize the importance of "collegial control" in shaping lawyers' decisions and identify a variety of "communities of practice" that serve as key agents of that control. Offering a new understanding of the nature of lawyers' work in divorce law as well as a new perspective on legal professionalism, this book is required reading for scholars, students, and practitioners.

Making Divorce Work

Making Divorce Work

Author: Diana Mercer

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101445716

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

View: 521

Eight essential keys to resolving conflict and rebuilding your life. This unique and empowering guide gives divorcing couples the skills to manage their divorce successfully, handle the legal and emotional issues harmoniously, and redefine and preserve the positive elements of their relationship. Informed by eight mediation concepts developed and used by the authors in their practice, the process outlined in this book will allow divorcing couples to deal rationally with the issues rather than allowing fear, anger, and grief to dictate their actions. Making Divorce Work leads couples to experience divorce as a celebration of the end of a relationship that served them well and provides the tools to deal with virtually every aspect of divorce-from money and custody to grieving and pain-to be proud of the way they handled their divorce and to start their new lives from a better place. Watch a Video

Divorce, Families and Emotion Work

Divorce, Families and Emotion Work

Author: Elena Moore

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137438225

Category: Psychology

Page: 274

View: 154

“This book is a carefully researched, clearly written, very important contribution to our understanding of divorce.” —Arlie Hochschild, University of California, USA “This rich, evidence-informed narrative provides a frank, ‘up close and personal’ portrait of the aftermath of marriage dissolution.” — Mary Corcoran, Maynooth University, Ireland “Moore throws a welcome light on the moral identities and gendered inequalities of parenting after separation.” — Rosalind Edwards, University of Southampton, UK This book focuses on parental commitment to family life after divorce, in contrast to its common perception as an irrevocable breaking up of the family unit, which is often perpetuated by representations from popular culture and the media. In the first detailed review of emotions and emotion work undertaken by divorced parents, the author sheds light on how parents manage feelings of guilt, fear, on-going anger and everyday unhappiness in the course of family life post-divorce. Moore demonstrates how the emotional dimension of divorce is shaped by societal and structural factors and requires parents to undertake considerable emotion work in the creation of new moral identities. The book points to the often gendered responsibilities for sustaining family lives post separation, and how these reflect extensive inequalities in family practices. The author concludes that divorce is not dangerous for society; it is not a social evil or a demonstration of the rise of selfish individualism, and that divorcees remain committed to former partners and children long after divorce. This book will be of interest to scholars and students in the areas of Sociology, Psychology, Family Studies, Social Policy, Social Work and Law.

Working with Children and Parents through Separation and Divorce

Working with Children and Parents through Separation and Divorce

Author: Emilia Dowling

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781349907748

Category: Psychology

Page: 211

View: 414

Supporting children and families through separation and divorce is a major area of concern in contemporary society. However, it is sometimes hard for those professionals who are helping families to hear the `voice' of the child in this process. Writing from their wide experience as clinicians working with children and families, Emilia Dowling and Gill Gorell Barnes set out in this book to address this gap, and allow the child to be heard. Working with Children and Parents through Separation and Divorce combines research with clinical and practical approaches to working with families going through stressful changes linked to separation or divorce. Attention is given to the wider context of children's lives with the implications for general practice, schools and other services addressed in special chapters. A focused approach to divorce related problems that takes each family member's view into account is illustrated. Combining individual and family work helps parents to resolve difficulties, enabling children troubled by parental separation to progress with their own lives. This book is essential reading for `front line' professionals as well as specialists who encounter children and families going through this life transition in the course of their work.

Defusing the High-Conflict Divorce

Defusing the High-Conflict Divorce

Author: Bernard Gaulier

Publisher: Point Clear Press

ISBN: PSU:000059216551

Category: Psychology

Page: 276

View: 588

DEFUSING THE HIGH-CONFLICT DIVORCE is a practical guide for therapists, attorneys, social workers, clergy, custody evaluators, and others who work with angry divorcing couples. The book offers a unique set of proven programs for quelling the hostility in high-conflict co-parenting couples, and "defusing" their prolonged, bitter and emotional struggles.

The Family on Trial in Revolutionary France

The Family on Trial in Revolutionary France

Author: Suzanne Desan

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520248168

Category: History

Page: 475

View: 203

Annotation A sophisticated and groundbreaking book on what women actually did and what actually happened to them during the French Revolution.

The Economics of Women, Men, and Work

The Economics of Women, Men, and Work

Author: Francine D. Blau

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: STANFORD:36105132118766

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 468

View: 121

A current summary and synthesis of research and data on gender issues in the labor market, this book presents readers with a single volume that thoroughly explores gender issues in the workplace and in the family.Chapter topics include women and men: changing roles in a changing economy, the family as an economic unit, the allocation of time between the household and the labor market, differences in occupations and earnings, recent developments in the labor market, changing work roles and the family, and gender differences in other countries.For use by practicing economists and social scientists, and for men and women interested in learning about their place within-and effect upon-the labor market.

Divorce Law and Women's Labor Supply

Divorce Law and Women's Labor Supply

Author: Betsey Stevenson


ISBN: CORNELL:31924109383046

Category: Divorce

Page: 50

View: 573

Divorce law changes made in the 1970s affected marital formation, dissolution, and bargaining within marriage. By altering the terms of the marital contract these legal changes impacted the incentives for women to enter and remain in the labor force. Whereas earlier work had suggested that the impact of unilateral divorce on female employment depended critically on laws governing property division, I show that these results are not robust to alternative specifications and controls. I find instead that unilateral divorce led to an increase in both married and unmarried female labor force participation, regardless of the pre-existing laws regarding property division.