Why Weren't We Told?

Why Weren't We Told?

Author: Henry Reynolds

Publisher: Penguin Books

ISBN: UOM:39015022883840

Category: Aboriginal Australians

Page: 264

View: 567

Historian Henry Reynolds has found himself being asked these questions by many people, over many years, in all parts of Australia. The acclaimed Why Weren't We Told? is a frank account of his personal journal towards the realisation that he, like generations of Australians, grew up with a distorted and idealised version of the past. From the author's unforgettable encounter in a North Queensland jail with injustice towards Aboriginal children, to his friendship with Eddi Mabo, to his shattering of the myths about our 'peaceful' history, this bestselling book will shock, move and intrigue. Why Weren't We Told? is crucial reading on the most important debate in Australia as we enter the twenty-first century.

The Lies We Tell

The Lies We Tell

Author: Jane Corry

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241989012

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

View: 202

'Everything I love in a book' LISA JEWELL 'Leaves you asking - what would I do? Jane Corry's best yet' BA PARIS Sarah always thought of herself and her husband, Tom, as good people. But that was before their son Freddy came home saying he'd done something terrible. Begging them not to tell the police. Soon Sarah and Tom must find out just how far they are willing to push themselves, and their marriage, to protect their only child . . . As the lies build up and Sarah is presented with the perfect opportunity to get Freddy off the hook, she is faced with a terrifying decision . . . Save her son . . . or save herself? ----------------------------------------------------- WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT JANE CORRY 'Absolutely brilliant...full of twists and turns that left me positively breathless' Angela Marsons 'A python of a book; it draws you in gently at first and then the coils of tension begin to tighten and refuse to let you go...' Jane Shemilt 'Readers you are in for a tremendous treat - a roller-coaster of a ride that will leave you screaming, 'No!' on more than one occasion' Carol Wyer 'What an addictive read! Extremely clever storytelling with terrific pace and real emotional depth too. I loved it' Teresa Driscoll 'Corry often explores darker themes, and those living on the fringes of society and this book is no exception: gritty, real, interesting and clever. Highly recommended' Gillian McAllister 'An absorbing and gripping masterpiece, skilfully plotted with superbly drawn characters who will stay with you long after you've finished reading' Kathryn Croft 'I love all Jane Corry's books but this is her best yet. So clever, compulsive and twisty with a reveal I never saw coming. Superb' Claire Douglas ' Exhilarating and heartbreaking in equal measure, this story will stay with me for a long time' Nuala Ellwood 'Jane Corry is at the top of her game and her latest novel cements her place as one of the superstars of the genre' Phoebe Morgan

Lies We Tell Ourselves

Lies We Tell Ourselves

Author: Robin Talley

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780373212040

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 410

View: 305

In 1959 Virginia, Sarah, a black student who is one of the first to attend a newly integrated school, forces Linda, a white integration opponent's daughter, to confront harsh truths when they work together on a school project.

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Author: Dr. Chris Thurman

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418565541

Category: Self-Help

Page: 349

View: 646

Dr. Chris Thurman brings understanding to the lies we tell ourselves in our daily lives. How do they damage us, why are we telling them, what can we do about them? In The Lies We Tell Ourselves, Dr. Thurman not only answers the questions, he brings about the freedom that can only come from believing the truth.

What Should We Tell Our Children about Vietnam?

What Should We Tell Our Children about Vietnam?

Author: Bill McCloud

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 080613240X

Category: History

Page: 184

View: 476

"What should we tell our children about Vietnam?" That was the question facing junior high school teacher and Vietnam veteran Bill McCloud as he prepared to teach his students about the war. To find the answers, he went straight to the people who were involved in the war: soldiers, politicians, military officers, POWs, nurses, refugees, writers, and parents of soldiers who died in the war. He sent them handwritten letters, and responses poured in from all over the country. A collection of these responses, this book represents a unique and heartening outpouring of national conscience, hindsight, reflection, sorrow, and wisdom. Respondents included here are: George Bush, Jimmy Carter, Geraldine A Ferraro, Allen Ginsburg, Barry Goldwater, Tom Hayden, Henry Kissinger, Timothy Leary, Robert S. McNamara, George S. Patton, Oliver Stone, Gary Trudeau, Kurt Vonnegut, and Caspar W. Weinberger.

The Lies We Tell

The Lies We Tell

Author: Kristina Ohlsson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781471148873

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 462

How do you choose who to save? Stockholm criminal lawyer Martin Benner is frantically chipping away at the false confession and fabricated evidence linking the deceased Sara Texas to a string of killings. Mio, Sara’s four-year-old son, is missing, and Martin has been dragged into finding the child against his will. Meanwhile, someone is trying to frame Martin for murders he didn’t commit. Investigators are closing in on him, and time is running out. The bodies continue to pile up, as the people with whom Martin has shared his story begin to die, one by one. And when it becomes clear that the identity of the killer and that of Mio’s kidnapper are one and the same, Martin realizes that he cannot save both Mio and himself. He has to choose… The gripping new thriller from the international bestselling author Kristina Ohlsson, the queen of Scandi crime -- for fans of Camilla Lackberg and Jussi Adler-Olsen.

We Told You So

We Told You So

Author: Tom Spurgeon

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

ISBN: 9781606999332

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 576

View: 189

In 1976, a fledgling magazine held forth the the idea that comics could be art. In 2016, comics intended for an adult readership are reviewed favorably in the New York Times, enjoy panels devoted to them at Book Expo America, and sell in bookstores comparable to prose efforts of similar weight and intent. We Told You So: Comics as Art is an oral history about Fantagraphics Books’ key role in helping build and shape an art movement around a discredited, ignored and fading expression of Americana. It includes appearances by Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Harlan Ellison, Stan Lee, Daniel Clowes, Frank Miller, and more.

The Lies We Tell

The Lies We Tell

Author: Katie Zhao

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781526654847

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 306

View: 252

All Anna Xu wants to do as she starts freshman year at the local prestigious Brookings University is keep up her stellar academic performance, break out of her shell, be more social ... and investigate the unsolved on-campus murder of her former babysitter six years ago. And if that wasn't difficult enough, it seems that Chris Lu, whose family are the Xu's business rivals, is attending Brookings too. There's no way they can be friends. Until a vandal attacks the Lu's bakery and Anna puts the perpetrator's call sign together with a clue from her investigation into the cold-case murder. When a very specific threat is made to Anna, she is forced to team up with Chris to undertake a dangerous search into the hate crimes happening around campus. Can they root out the current threat or will the town's ugly history take them down?

The Food We Eat, the Stories We Tell

The Food We Eat, the Stories We Tell

Author: Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt

Publisher: Ohio University Press

ISBN: 9780821446874

Category: Social Science

Page: 218

View: 141

Blue Ridge tacos, kimchi with soup beans and cornbread, family stories hiding in cookbook marginalia, African American mountain gardens—this wide-ranging anthology considers all these and more. Diverse contributors show us that contemporary Appalachian tables and the stories they hold offer new ways into understanding past, present, and future American food practices. The poets, scholars, fiction writers, journalists, and food professionals in these pages show us that what we eat gives a beautifully full picture of Appalachia, where it’s been, and where it’s going. Contributors: Courtney Balestier, Jessie Blackburn, Karida L. Brown, Danille Elise Christensen, Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle, Michael Croley, Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt, Robert Gipe, Suronda Gonzalez, Emily Hilliard, Rebecca Gayle Howell, Abigail Huggins, Erica Abrams Locklear, Ronni Lundy, George Ella Lyon, Jeff Mann, Daniel S. Margolies, William Schumann, Lora E. Smith, Emily Wallace, Crystal Wilkinson

All the Lies We Tell

All the Lies We Tell

Author: M. Skye

Publisher: Urban Renaissance

ISBN: 9781601621054

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 198

Secrets are revealed that change everything they thought they knew, and the family is again thrust into the public eye. A dangerous scandal threatens to unravel them once and for all. While Tyree and Mia are more in love than they have ever have been, Mia's past omissions could come back to ruin their happy reunion. With more danger and betrayal looming, will they be able to dig their way out of the latest fiasco, or will the newest threat prove to be their undoing? Tyree Johnston found himself stuck between what his heart wanted and what his head said was right. His ex, Mia, left for Paris the minute her divorce was final, but her love for Tyree and her son brought her back home. Tyree's father, John, had betrayed his entire family, and Tyree and Mia were left to pick up the pieces. In the midst of their struggles, Tyree and Mia found their way back to each other. Now, three years have passed since they last heard from Richmond, who is on the run for murder, so they think they are in the clear. Tyree and Mia have moved on, combining their family businesses to create one huge conglomerate. Then, one fateful day, Richmond resurfaces and begins to make taunting phone calls. He lets his family know they will never be rid of him and that more havoc is headed their way.

How Do We Tell The Workers?

How Do We Tell The Workers?

Author: Joe Kincheloe

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429973345

Category: Social Science

Page: 468

View: 209

This book analyzes the ways that workers are educated," via a variety of institutions, to fit into the contemporary labour-unfriendly economic system. As he examines the history and purposes of vocational education, Kincheloe illustrates the manner in which this education shapes the politics of the era. How Do We Tell the Workers? is important reading for policy makers, labour leaders, and educators.

The Lies We Tell

The Lies We Tell

Author: Niki Mackay

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781409174660

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 620

Last night I betrayed my husband. This morning my daughter disappeared. My husband may have forgiven my first mistake. But he will never forget this. And so I have to find her. Before it's too late. For all of us.