Vagabond Stars

Vagabond Stars

Author: Nahma Sandrow

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 0815603290

Category: Drama

Page: 460

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Proceedings of a May 1994 symposium held to present cutting edge multidisciplinary work on the characterization of ancient materials; the technologies of selection, production, and usage by which materials are transformed into the objects and artifacts we find today; the science underlying their deterioration, preservation, and conservation; and sociocultural interpretation derived from an empirical methodology of observation, measurement, and experimentation. Over 70 contributions discuss topics that include the visual appearance and the imitation of one material by another; stable protective coatings and materials stability; resource surveying, source characterization, and cultural implications; and process reconstruction as essential to understanding of condition and conservation. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

A Japanese Vagabond

A Japanese Vagabond

Author: Mayumi Yamada-Shimotai

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781493153268

Category: Travel

Page: 946

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In 1986, Mayumi left Japan with a bicycle to flee from constrains of life as a Japanese girl. Without a plan nor travelling experiences, she kept pedalling around the globe – during the final epoch of the Cold War – for about 35,000 kilometres, facing various kinds of difficulties and taking advantage of people’s goodwill. This is the travel story of about the first half of her drifting passage, from Japan up to the last stop in South America – Brazil – in which there are clues to interpret the enigma of Japan and Japanese as well as a cross section of Latin America in the Cold War era.

The Vagabonds, America's Oldest Little Theater

The Vagabonds, America's Oldest Little Theater

Author: Linda Lee Koenig

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 083863124X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 174

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Tracing the sixty-four year career of Baltimore's Vagabond Players, this study of the longest-lasting of the little theaters examines the influence and participation of figures such as H. L. Mencken, Mildred Natwick, and Zelda Fitzgerald.

Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of South America

Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of South America

Author: David Hatcher Childress

Publisher: Lost Cities

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173018494696

Category: History

Page: 406

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The author describes his travels in South America and shares his views on the Nazca lines, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, and archaeological theories about the region and its ruins

Memory of a Vagabond

Memory of a Vagabond

Author: Adam Ross Rapoport

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781483417486

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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In 2010, Adam Rapoport experienced a life-changing epiphany. He wanted to travel the world, by any means necessary. But for the twenty-three-year-old son of an middle-upper-class family to do so, he would have to drop out of graduate school. Undaunted, he sold his possessions and hit the road with a backpack and $700 for the adventure of a lifetime. Adam wanted to experience the freedoms of homeless travel. Over the course of two years, he learned how to get around and survive on the road. He hitchhiked across the United States, he joined the crew of a sailboat and explored the Bahamas with a seemingly cursed captain. He then wound up working under the table in Central America. And finally, he studied under both wilderness survival experts and a spiritualist guru in Montana. Spiritual, adventurous, humorous, self-reflective, insightful, and even romantic, Memory of a Vagabond shows that following one’s dream will bring you to places you never thought possible.

Jim Christy: A Vagabond Life

Jim Christy: A Vagabond Life

Author: Ian Cutler

Publisher: Feral House

ISBN: 9781627310895

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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Jim Christy’s life and adventures began on the mobbed-up streets of South Philadelphia. Over his 73 years to date, Christy has asserted his freedom of spirit as a vagabond adventurer, latter-day hobo, journalist, private eye, actor, musician, and artist, in over 50 countries around the globe, and still found time to write over 30 books. His early adventures as a street fighter and child tramp provide a unique socio-cultural history of Philadelphia in the 50’s and 60’s before the book moves on to recount his later exploits from some of the most remote and random corners of the world.

David Livingstone: The Wayward Vagabond in Africa

David Livingstone: The Wayward Vagabond in Africa

Author: Kahende, M. G. N.

Publisher: East African Educational Publishers

ISBN: 9789966564344

Category: Fiction

Page: 301

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David Livingstone: The Wayward Vagabond in Africa is an expression of doubt about the raîson d’etre concerning the 19th Century explorers and missionaries in Africa. Led by David Livingstone, the Scottish explorer and missionary, they are said to have come to civilise “backward” Africans, which the author creatively re-imagines, arguing that it is far from the truth. Instead, their actions gave impetus to colonialism proper. In this book the omniscient narrator, Everywhere, is God’s special envoy mandated to witness history with far-reaching consequences for humanity. His investigation is to help nail David Livingstone on Judgment Day, much the same way St Peter chronicles events in the Book of Life. Read about how, Everywhere, the spirit rides on wind, walks on water, enters into his characters’ stream of consciousness and even discerns how they interpret the world around them. The novel retraces Livingstone’s early life, from his deprived childhood in Blantyre, Scotland; his ideological evolution and training in London and his dramatic sojourn in Monomotapa kingdom, which he half-believes is his destiny. The satirical tone in the novel aptly captures that delusional aspect of Livingstone’s “God-ordained” mission to the world.