Time Never Was Where the Human Race Were Not

Time Never Was Where the Human Race Were Not

Author: Heyward C. Sanders

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480977280

Category: Philosophy

Page: 186

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Time Never Was Where the Human Race Were Not By: Heyward C. Sanders This book will help you focus more on life and the things that matter. This will help you see what society you are functioning in – fiction or nonfiction. Each community has both, but some are higher than the other. That’s because some have a higher profit rate than other communities because they’re being more brainwashed by the entertainment world. You will read things about history, religion, criminal law, business law, lifestyles, politics, and how all of it works together in trying to take control of our minds. See, our minds are easily exploited based on who is exploiting us. Some might say they have control over their minds, but how could that be when you live in a society that controls your every move? One might say they have an understanding of what is being done around them and they try to move with the flow that would be more beneficial for them. But that is still called control: which is a good thing because if everybody saw the things in front of them, it could be easier to change in a positive way. Heyward C. Sanders believes this book will help you have a better understanding of what we need to stay focus. Thanks, Peace and Blessing.

Time Never Heals

Time Never Heals

Author: Gene Ligotti

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462827657

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 293

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TIME NEVER HEALS is the story of Dr. Frank Lunati, the first battalion surgeon for the 2/5th 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam. This is his story of his tour of duty, the battles, the casualties and deaths, along with all his thoughts and feelings. He relives in vivid detail the Search and Destroy missions, the battles of Happy Valley, Ia Drang, and Bong Son. He takes you with him as he ships out and travels to Vietnam and lives through a horrendous year. You will experience the battles with him; meet the friends he made and those he lost. This story brings Nam to you in a way you will never forget

Time Never Runs Back

Time Never Runs Back

Author: Nelson Martin

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 9781611392845

Category: Fiction

Page: 332

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This twisting tale, the sequel to the author’s Ring Around the Sun, takes Coot Boldt and Narlow Montgomery back to their childhood in the wilds of the Tularosa Basin of southern New Mexico Territory and west Texas. The story tracks their days tending Papa’s goats, and Narlow’s war with his copper-lined, half-Pale Eye-half-Comanche mama. The boys lived with the Apaches for two years where Narlow studied the mysteries of the medicineman. As young men, they enjoyed successes in ranching and land sales in El Paso, a dusty adobe village known for whiskey, shot-dead men on its streets, soiled doves, and rigged roulette wheels. Both their marriages went sour, and though Coot went on, Narlow was stuck with a wife who never allowed the consummation of their vows. All those months Narlow brushed off Coot’s advice to take up with a widow-lady, but during a trip to San Francisco, he fell into the clutches of a wealthy actress who demanded that he return home and divorce his wife. He refused, though he did return to El Paso and become the town drunk. Finally, he was convinced by his father and Coot to seek the solitude of a cave where, as a child, he had played with his father, a man who made sawhorses with straw-stuffed sock heads, eyes drawn with charcoal, and read the great books to his son. Narlow won his battle over the bottle. Includes Readers Guide.

Blame It on the Bass

Blame It on the Bass

Author: Lexxie Couper

Publisher: Entangled: Select Contemporary

ISBN: 9781633759800

Category: Fiction

Page: 191

View: 693

Corbin Smith knows he needs to do something drastic to help his partner, Levi Levistan, out of the grief he’s been lost to. Witnessing the chemistry still present between Levi and his old high school flame, Corbin is surprised by a jolt of arousal and the beginning of an idea. Nothing unsettles Sonja Stone. She’s not even surprised at her body’s powerful reaction to Levi after all these years. But when Levi’s lover approaches them, eyes smoldering with hunger, his suggestion shakes Sonja to the core. Sensing their unspoken wounds, Sonja agrees to take a chance on a threesome. Their union is explosively perfect, but something is holding Levi back from sealing their emotional connection. Something that could destroy their newfound balance and love. Each book in the Heart of Fame series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 Love’s Rhythm Book #2 Muscle for Hire Book #3 Guarded Desires Book #4 Steady Beat Book #5 Lead Me On Book #6 Blame it on the Bass Book #7 Getting Played Book #8 Blackthorne