Nursing Care Plans

Nursing Care Plans

Author: Jennifer M. Hunt

Publisher: Ishiyaku EuroAmerica, Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015010126889

Category: Medical protocols

Page: 186

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This newly revised and updated Second Edition of 'Nursing Care Plans' is a practical guide to care planning which is relevant to any system of health care and nurse education and focuses on how nurses can plan appropriate care for each patient's needs. In this revision the authors have re-emphasised that nursing care plans are a means of putting the nursing process into action and have incorporated the experience gained from improved skills, understanding and knowledge of care planning.

Tabbner's Nursing Care

Tabbner's Nursing Care

Author: Gabby Koutoukidis

Publisher: Elsevier Australia

ISBN: 9780729538572

Category: Nursing

Page: 992

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"Tabbner's Nursing Care: Theory and Practice is the only Australian and New Zealand textbook written specifically for the enrolled nurse student. The new 5th edition of this best-selling text has been fully revised and updated throughout to reflect the content of the new National Curriculum. Unit 1 The evolution of nursing Unit 2 The health care environment Unit 3 Cultural diversity and nursing practice Unit 4 Promoting psychosocial health in nursing practice Unit 5 Nursing individuals throughout the lifespan Unit 6 The nursing process Unit 7 Assessing health Unit 8 Important component of nursing care Unit 9 Health promotion and nursing care of the individual Appendices."--Provided by publisher.

Nursing Care Planning Made Incredibly Easy!

Nursing Care Planning Made Incredibly Easy!


Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 1582555532

Category: Medical

Page: 296

View: 626

Nursing Care Planning Made Incredibly Easy! is the resource every student needs to master the art of care planning, including concept mapping. Starting with the nursing process, the book provides the foundations for writing practical care plans, walks students through the care planning process, builds the critical thinking skills needed to individualize care, and offers tips on incorporating evidence-based standards and rationales into nursing interventions. Coverage includes up-to-date NANDA nursing diagnoses, NIC and NOC, and an English-NANDA dictionary that makes understanding nursing diagnoses fun. Sample care plans appear throughout the book. A bound-in CD-ROM contains over 150 customizable care plans.

Performing clinical assessment and contribute to planning nursing care

Performing clinical assessment and contribute to planning nursing care

Author: CAQA Publications

Publisher: CAQA Publications


Category: Medical

Page: 103

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This learner guide of competency describes the skills and knowledge required, within the scope of practice, to perform preliminary and ongoing physical health assessments of all body systems, gathering data that contributes to a person’s individualised health care plan.

Holistic Nursing

Holistic Nursing

Author: Barbara Dossey

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763754297

Category: Medical

Page: 816

View: 952

Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice, Third Edition is for all nurses who are interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of holistic nursing. the book can be used as a basic text in undergraduate, elective, and continuing education courses. It provides a user-friendly nursing process format, standards of holistic nursing practice care plans with patient outcomes, outcome criteria, and evaluation guidelines for clinical practice to nurses in acute care, home care, and hospice, and those who are clinical specialists, educators, and bedside practitioners.

Nursing Care Plans. The Nursing Process at Work. 2.ed. Education for Care Series

Nursing Care Plans. The Nursing Process at Work. 2.ed. Education for Care Series

Author: J. M. Hunt


ISBN: OCLC:476035953


Page: 169

View: 389

During the last five years, tremendous progress has been made with the introduction and use of nursing care plans based on the nursing process, but despite this upsurge there is still need for a practical guide to care planning that is relevant to any system of health care and nurse education and focuses on how nurses can plan appropriate individual care. This updated and revised edition is such a guide, which incorporates the experience gained from improved skills, understanding and knowledge of care planning.

Pediatric Nursing Care Plans

Pediatric Nursing Care Plans

Author: Assuma Beevi

Publisher: JP Medical Ltd

ISBN: 9789350258682

Category: Medical

Page: 377

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This is an excellent guide for students and practicing nurses for writing care plans to provide comprehensive, individualized and holistic family centered care to children. Nursing care plan in this book are divided into two parts. The first section provides generic care plans for common nursing diagnosis. The care plans in this section will be the building blocks for creating customized care plans tailored to each child's unique nursing diagnosis. The second section with nursing care plans for specifically selected health problems with corresponding medical diagnosis is an added advantage for.

Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans - E-Book

Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans - E-Book

Author: Katherine M. Fortinash

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323059770

Category: Medical

Page: 592

View: 312

The most comprehensive psychiatric nursing care planning text available assists students and practitioners in providing effective care in a variety of settings. Clear presentation of information, consistent use of the nursing process, correlation of nursing and medical diagnoses, and prioritization of interventions make this text an invaluable resource. Grounded in the latest classification of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) and the most current list of NANDA-approved nursing diagnoses, this text covers a wide range of disorders, their psychopathology, and appropriate nursing interventions with rationales. Care plans use real clinical situations and include therapeutic and nontherapeutic dialogue examples to familiarize nurses with likely scenarios and equip them with the tools they need to feel confident in any clinical setting. The first chapter, The Nursing Process, effectively describes the central principles of psychiatric nursing practice in detailing the ANA's six-step nursing process along with additional information on therapeutic nurse-client communication skills, client history and assessment tools, NIC and NOC, and more. The six-step nursing process format is maintained throughout to emphasize a practice-oriented, problem-solving approach to psychiatric care. Major psychiatric disorders are reviewed consistently and completely with sections including Etiology, Epidemiology, Assessment and Diagnostic Criteria, Interventions, and Prognosis and Discharge Criteria. With this basis of knowledge, relevant care plans are offered in the second section of each chapter. Care plans based on DSM-IV-TR medical and NANDA nursing diagnoses are logically and consistently organized with Assessment Data, Outcome Criteria, Planning and Implementation, and Evaluation sections. Assessment Data sections include detailed related factors (etiology) and defining characteristics or risk factors as appropriate for the specific diagnosis. Outcome Criteria sections give the reader clear indications of the desired end state. Planning and Implementation sections list specific, relevant, and practical nursing interventions with rationales in a clear, comprehensible two-column format. UNIQUE! Therapeutic and non-therapeutic dialogue examples are presented throughout to promote more effective client communication. Evaluation sections state the role of outcome evaluation as a critical and ongoing step in the nursing process. Client and Family Teaching boxes include Nurse Needs to Know and Teach Client and Family sections covering all aspects of post-treatment instructions for clients and caregivers. DSM-IV-TR boxes list all related DSM-IV-TR diagnoses for quick reference. Helpful appendices contain information and strategies that are timely and useful in the care of clients with mental and emotional disorders including such topics as psychiatric and psychosocial therapies, grief and loss, spirituality, and many more.