The Lost Railways of Essex

The Lost Railways of Essex

Author: Neil Burgess


ISBN: 1840336706

Category: Essex (England)

Page: 56

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In the popular imagination Essex is associated with the urban and industrial strip of land reaching out from east London along the north bank of the Thames, a place of car factories, oil refineries, warehouses and commuter housing, but Essex is also a county with rolling countryside, small villages and picturesque towns. Although the railway netowrk in Essex has fared better than elsewhere the losses are shown here, together with dates and vital statistics, and include Ongar, Tiptree, Thorington, Canning Town, Halstead, Saffron Walden, Takely, Felstead, Earls Colne and many others.

Britain's Lost Railways

Britain's Lost Railways

Author: John Minnis

Publisher: Aurum

ISBN: 9781781317730

Category: Transportation

Page: 192

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The beautifully restored St Pancras Station is a magisterial example of Britain’s finest Victorian architecture. Like the viaducts at Belah and Crumlin, cathedral-like stations such as Nottingham Victoria and spectacular railway hotels like Glasgow St Enoch's, it stands proud as testament to Britain's architectural heritage. In this stunning book, John Minnis reveals Britain's finest railway architecture. From the most cavernous engine sheds, like Old Oak Common, through the eccentric country halts on the Tollesbury line and the gantries of the Liverpool Overhead Railway, to the soaring viaducts of Belah and Cumlin, Britain’s Lost Railways offers a sweeping celebration of our railway heritage. The selection of images and the removable facsimile memorabilia, including tickets, posters, timetables and maps, allows the reader to step into that past, serving as a testimony to an age of ingenuity and ambition when the pride we invested in our railways was reflected in the grandeur of the architecture we built for them.

Tracing Lost Railways

Tracing Lost Railways

Author: Trevor Yorke

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781784423728

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 64

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The drastic railway closures of the 1960s led to the slow decay and re-purposing of hundreds of miles of railway infrastructure. Though these buildings and apparatus are now ghosts of their former selves, countless clues to our railway heritage still remain in the form of embankments, cuttings, tunnels, converted or tumbledown wayside buildings, and old railway furniture such as signal posts. Many disused routes are preserved in the form of cycle tracks and footpaths. This colourfully illustrated book helps you to decipher the fascinating features that remain today and to understand their original functions, demonstrating how old routes can be traced on maps, outlining their permanent stamp on the landscape, and teaching you how to form a mental picture of a line in its heyday.

The Trains Now Departed

The Trains Now Departed

Author: Michael Williams

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781409052340

Category: Transportation

Page: 352

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SOMETIMES you come across a lofty railway viaduct, marooned in the middle of a remote country landscape. Or a crumbling platform from some once-bustling junction buried under the buddleia. If you are lucky you might be able to follow some rusting tracks, or explore an old tunnel leading to...well, who knows where? Listen hard. Is that the wind in the undergrowth? Or the spectre of a train from a golden era of the past panting up the embankment? These are the ghosts of The Trains Now Departed. They are the railway lines, and services that ran on them that have disappeared and gone forever. Our lost legacy includes lines prematurely axed, often with a gripping and colourful tale of their own, as well as marvels of locomotive engineering sent to the scrapyard, and grand termini felled by the wrecker's ball. Then there are the lost delights of train travel, such as haute cuisine in the dining car, the grand expresses with their evocative names, and continental boat trains to romantic far-off places. The Trains Now Departed tells the stories of some of the most fascinating lost trains of Britain, vividly evoking the glories of a bygone age. In his personal odyssey around Britain Michael Williams tells the tales of the pioneers who built the tracks, the yarns of the men and women who operated them and the colourful trains that ran on them. It is a journey into the soul of our railways, summoning up a magic which, although mired in time, is fortunately not lost for ever. THIS EDITION REVISED AND UPDATED TO INCLUDE MAPS.

A Bibliography of British History, 1914-1989

A Bibliography of British History, 1914-1989

Author: Keith Robbins

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198224966

Category: History

Page: 918

View: 227

A guide through the many publications on 20th-century British history, this reference contains over 27,000 entries arranged by theme, with introductions to each chapter.