The Fictions of Dreams

The Fictions of Dreams

Author: Otto M. Rheinschmiedt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429920783

Category: Psychology

Page: 262

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The Fictions of Dreams explores the close connection between the narrative nature of dreams and the narrative devices employed in literature and creative writing. The book is unique in its confluential approach, linking the fictions of dreams with literary fictions and case studies which illuminate the centrality of dream analysis in therapeutic work. Dreams and literature are closely related. The dream's essence lies in its narrative facility. Dreams are autobiographical fictions which tell the story of the dreamer's life history, her insertion in transgenerational family themes, and her ethnic and cultural identity. In that sense dreams are psycho-social depositories and makers, not unlike what can be found in world literature: the recreation of interiority and historicity of a given time period. The interconnected worlds of dreaming and fiction writing tend to employ the same narrative devices: the memorial mode (Patrick Modiano), multi-temporality (Gabriel Garcia Marquez), poeisis (Kafka, Ted Hughes, Colm Toibin), historical consciousness (Irene Nemirowsky), and 'infinite connectivity' (Patrick White).

Science Fiction and Dreams

Science Fiction and Dreams

Author: Corwin Howard Morton III, MD;PhD

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781524601102

Category: Art

Page: 48

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Although the science-fiction genre is entertaining, it has raised many a question from time to time, such as how one can make real working equipment out of this sci-fi fantasy.

Somerset Dreams and Other Fictions

Somerset Dreams and Other Fictions

Author: Kate Wilhelm

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575120167

Category: Fiction

Page: 174

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Eight short stories by the author of Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang. The title piece plus The Encounter; Planet Story; Mrs Bagley Goes to Mars; Symbiosis; Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is Your Crisis; The Hounds; and State of Grace.

Dreams and Realities : Selected Fiction of Juana Manuela Gorriti

Dreams and Realities : Selected Fiction of Juana Manuela Gorriti

Author: Juana Manuela Gorriti

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199728695

Category: Social Science

Page: 335

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One of the most dramatic figures among Latin America's romantic writers and the distinguished woman writer of her century, Juana Manuela Gorriti brings passion and intrigue to the scene of writing. An exile from her native Argentina who sought refuge first in Bolivia and then in Peru, her lifetime of travel and displacement is echoed in her fictions. Her short stories tell of homelessness and nomadic yearnings, taking the reader from the Peruvian highlands, where Spanish colonizers plot to rob the treasures of the Incas, to the Argentine capital city plagued by sinister political intentions. Her later fictions move from Chile to scenes of the California Gold Rush. Covering the wide landscape of the Americas, Gorriti tracks the spirit of nineteenth-century adventurers and dandies, nation builders and soldiers who participate in the conflicts of settlement in a new and lawless land. Women are the protagonists here, mediating episodes of civil strife as they voice their despair about the treachery of fortune seekers in Latin America in the years following Independence from Spain. Dreams and Realities offers a sampling of Gorriti's stories, showing the range of her commitment to political fiction drawn in the romantic style. Originally published in four volumes under the titles Suenos y realidades and Panoramas de la vida, her works deal with the tyranny of the Rosas regime, the mediating role of women, and the clash of European and indigenous cultures. Notwithstanding her personal political leanings, Gorriti's stories and fictions provide a generous dose of swashbuckling adventure and romance. Translated into English for the first time by Sergio Waisman and with an Introduction, Chronology, and Critical Notes by Francine Masiello, the book gives a woman's view of the world of political intrigue and civil unrest that marks Latin America's turbulent nineteenth century.

Walking With Summer Dreams: Short Fiction

Walking With Summer Dreams: Short Fiction

Author: Will English


ISBN: 9781105722547

Category: Fiction

Page: 157

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Walk with us on this fine summer's eve through a land of fantasy and terror, of magic and love, a land where dragons fly and the devil only wants to talk, where fairies steal the hearts of unwary men and a cook feeds the fates. Walk with us on this fine summer's eve, as we show you our dreams.Front Cover image by Darren Britton.

The Stuff of Dreams

The Stuff of Dreams

Author: Edward Lucas White

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 9780486806150

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

View: 946

This original compilation presents 10 chilling tales of terror, two haunting poems, and an essay by an unjustly neglected author. Edward Lucas White weaves a tapestry of weird stories populated by ghouls, monsters, and creatures of ancient myth.

The Reality - Fiction Opposition in Children's Literature

The Reality - Fiction Opposition in Children's Literature

Author: Adrian Zagler

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 9783640789542


Page: 81

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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2010 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: 1, University of Graz, language: English, abstract: Since the 1970s, scholarly interest in children's literature has grown, and numerous studies looking into the complexity and thematic and structural depth of the texts have been published. Simultaneously, the notion of metareferentiality has sparked interest among scholars from various disciplines. Metareferentiality, though not unique to the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries, is said to be one of the key cultural phenomena of our time. And yet, these two fields of interest, namely children's literature and metareferentiality, have only very rarely been studied in the same context. Metareferential elements in children's books are often seen as phenomena of dream worlds. Thus, they allow a traditional, non-critical reading in which the metareferential elements do not necessarily trigger medial awareness in the readers but can be explained logically and within the framework of the represented story worlds. Consequently, the epistemological status of reality would not be threatened by these texts. However, as this paper aims to prove, such a reading (for instance) of the Alice-stories, Die Unendliche Geschichte and The Book of Lost Things, although undeniably possible, falls short of the true scope of the texts. As will be shown, all four books address the question of the status of fiction with reference to its opposition to reality, albeit in different ways. In their treatment of the subject, they are clearly metafictional texts with epistemological and ontological concerns that require experienced readers to fully grasp their messages. Nevertheless, they are still publicly perceived as children's literature and are enjoyed by children and adults alike. After some general remarks on the genre of children's literature and on metareferentiality, this paper focuses on a particular form of metarefere