Is the Future Set in Stone?

Is the Future Set in Stone?

Author: Troy J. Edwards

Publisher: Troy Edwards

ISBN: 9781098783914

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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God knows all things and there is nothing that is hidden from Him. Therefore, if the future is already in existence and is a settled reality then there is no doubt that God knows it exhaustively. Yet, what if the future does not exist as the past did and the present currently does? Is it necessary for an omniscient God to have exhaustive knowledge of a non-existent entity? In his book, "Is the Future Set in Stone?," Pastor Troy J. Edwards presents a thorough examination of the Scriptures, revealing the fact that the future is NOT in existence until it happens. This truth is important to understanding why God is by no means responsible for the fall of devils, men and the horrendous evil on the earth. You will also see how God works with His free-will creatures to shape the future and bring it about.