Taming the Feast Beast

Taming the Feast Beast

Author: Jack Trimpey

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9780440507246

Category: Self-Help

Page: 0

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Past experiences, emotional trauma, and “predisposition” don’t put on pounds . . . incorrect eating does. Based upon the overwhelmingly successful principles of Rational Recovery Systems, a program that has totally revolutionized the field of addiction care, Taming the Feast Beast shows you how to stop gaining weight by gaining insight into the erroneous beliefs that compel you to eat. Whatever your present weight, whatever the “reason” for your tendency to gain, you can lose pounds permanently . . . without expensive programs, sponsors, or even the approval of others! Taming the Feast Beast will change the way you think about food forever. It is a bold and transformational guide that gives you the tools to: • Identify and defeat the inner voice that compels you to overeat • Maintain your self-esteem, even when you don’t maintain your diet • Dispel the myths of “codependency,” “comfort food,” and other fallacies that keep you fat • Lose all the weight you want—without support groups and restrictive diet programs

Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung

Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Athenemedia Verlag

ISBN: 3736400985


Page: 38

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Zum Kanon bedeutender Klassiker und grosser Weltliteratur gehort unbestritten William Shakespeares beruhmtes Drama Der Widerspenstigen Zahmung (The Taming of the Shrew), eine Komodie um Liebe und wie man sich diese verdient: Lucentio ist in Bianca verliebt - die jungere der beiden Tochter Baptistas. Doch hat er muss Grosses bewaltigen auf dem Weg zur Heirat. Da Vater Baptista vorsieht, dass zunachst seine altere Tochter Katharina heiraten muss, bevor die jungere an der Reihe ist, hat Lucentio nicht nur die Aufgabe, die Nebenbuhler Hortensio und Gremio aus dem Weg zu raumen, sondern auch einen Ehemann fur die widerspenstige Katharina zu finden, die jedoch kein Mann haben will... Der Originalausgabe folgend durfte dieses Meisterwerk dank seiner Authentizitat einen ganz besonderen Reiz ausuben. In den Bann geschlagen kann nicht zuletzt werden, wer Handlung und Sujets auf sein Leben und die heutige Gesellschaft projiziert. Diese vollstandige und ungekurzte Ausgabe ist vorgesehen fur alle, die Literatur lieben, fur Theater-Schauspiel, als Filmvorlage und fur die Schule mit Zeilennummerierung. Lassen Sie sich faszinieren von einem Werk, das auch heute noch aktueller denn je ist. Erscheinende Personen des Schauspiels: Ein Lord, Christoph Schlau - ein betrunkener Kesselflicker, Wirtin, Page, Schauspieler, Jager und andere Bediente des Lords, Baptista - ein reicher Edelmann in Padua, Vincentio - ein alter Edelmann aus Pisa, Lucentio - Vincentios Sohn - Liebhaber der Bianka, Petruchio - ein Edelmann aus Verona - Katharinens Freier, Gremio und Hortensio - Biankas Freier, Tranio und Biondello - Lucentios Diener, Grumio und Curtis - Petruchios Diener Ein Magister - der den Vincentio vorstellen soll Baptistas Tochter: Katharina - die Widerspenstige, Bianka - ihre Schwester, Eine Witwe, Schneider, Putzhandler und Bediente des Baptista und des Petruchio - Die Handlung ist abwechselnd in Padua und in dem Landhause des Petruchio. Ebenfalls beim AtheneMedia Ver"

Taming the Feast

Taming the Feast

Author: Ben Ford

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476706399

Category: Cooking

Page: 288

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A guide to cooking with fire and feeding crowds with grilled, smoked and outdoor-roasted foods outlines nine adventurous menus that feature such options as Texas-style barbecue and Wood-Fired Paella, providing complementary recipes for game meats, side dishes and desserts.

Mental Health Concepts

Mental Health Concepts

Author: Claire G. Waughfield


ISBN: UOM:39015041779870

Category: Mental health

Page: 452

View: 366

This resource provides a comprehensive introduction to mental health. Now in its fourth edition, Mental Health Concepts includes in-depth information on basic concepts such as stress, anxiety, psychotherapies, geriatrics, alcoholism and drug dependency. It also includes revised and updated information on alcoholism, drug dependency, maladaptive behaviors, violence and sexuality.ALSO AVAILABLE -INSTRUCTOR SUPPLEMENTS CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO ORDERInstructor's Manual ISBN: 0-8273-8219-7

The Twelve-Step Journal

The Twelve-Step Journal

Author: Claudette Wassil-Grimm

Publisher: Overlook Books

ISBN: PSU:000032460605

Category: Self-Help

Page: 392

View: 386

This exciting, revolutionary workbook, designed for anyone on a Twelve-Step-oriented recovery program, adapts beautifully to nearly all recovery programs. It presents the twelve steps in their original form, as well as in alternative, secular version, and offers exercises and suggestions for journal entries that include topics such as storytelling, dreams, confessions, and conflicts and resolutions.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Nursing

Comprehensive Psychiatric Nursing

Author: Judith Haber

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015038552363

Category: Medical

Page: 896

View: 367

This outstanding text and reference emphasizes the "seamless" continuity of psychiatric care, as well as the variety of settings in which it is now provided. As always, your students get current and comprehensive information that's presented in a clear, accessible, visually stimulating format -- and is now more clinically relevant than ever! For example, the psychobiological bases of mental disorders and psychopharmacological interventions are now featured in a new chapter, depicted in two exciting full-color inserts, and integrated throughout the book.

Encyclopedia of Associations

Encyclopedia of Associations

Author: Gale Cengage Publishing

Publisher: Gale Cengage

ISBN: 1414420064

Category: Reference

Page: 1548

View: 720

This standard reference tool is the only comprehensive source for detailed information on more than 23,000 nonprofit American membership organizations of national scope. Every entry offers a wealth of valuable data, typically including the organization's complete name, address and phone number; founding date, purpose, activities and dues; national and international conferences; and more. Each Supplement includes listings for more than 500 new organizations.