Sex and Gender

Sex and Gender

Author: James A. Doyle

Publisher: WCB/McGraw-Hill

ISBN: UCSC:32106010272455

Category: Feminism

Page: 378

View: 458

Well-organized and highly readable Sex and Gender: The Human Experience provides a current, multicultural analysis of gender-related issues, theories, and research. The authors' clear presentation of the perspectives and issues related to sex and gender studies enables students to easily comprehend the material. Further, a highly practical approach prompts students to examine their self-awareness and social tolerance. Sex and Gender: The Human Experience is appropriate as a primary or supplementary text in Psychology, Family Studies, or Women's Studies curricula.

The Psychology of Sex Differences

The Psychology of Sex Differences

Author: Eleanor E. Maccoby

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804709742

Category: Psychology

Page: 420

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Lijvig en bijzonder goed gedocumenteerd werk over de verschillen tussen de seksen, wat betreft psychologisch functioneren. Met name bepaalde intellectuele capaciteiten en sociale gedragingen, waarvan algemeen wordt aangenomen dat ze verschillend zijn voor mannen en vrouwen, worden onder de loep genomen. De auteurs willen immers een onderscheid maken tussen enerzijds de meningen over sekseverschillen die een soliede feitenbasis hebben en anderzijds deze die louter gebaseerd zijn op veronderstellingen. Het boek doorprikt enkele mythen en geeft ook de sociale implicaties van deze 'ontmaskering' aan. In verband met onderwijs, is vooral het hoofdstuk over intellectuele capaciteiten en cognitieve stijlen van belang (p. 63-134).

Handbook for Achieving Sex Equity Through Education

Handbook for Achieving Sex Equity Through Education

Author: Susan S. Klein


ISBN: UOM:39015035318057

Category: Educational equalization

Page: 588

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This handbook of collected papers is intended to aid in the achievement of sex equity in education, and in society through education. It is divided into six parts, each with a separate editor (or editors) and contains the following chapters: (1) Examining the Achievement of Sex Equity in and through Education (S. S. Klein, and others); (2) Economic Considerations for Achieving Sex Equity through Education (G. Harvey, E. Noble); (3) Sex Equity as a Philosophical Problem (M. Greene); (4) The New Scholarship on Women (S.K. Biklen, C. Shakeshaft); (5) Facts and Assumptions about the Nature of Sex Differences (M.C. Linn, A.C. Petersen); (6) Educational Equity and Sex Role Development (C.G. Schau); (7) Administrative Strategies for Institutionalizing Sex Equity in Education and the Role of Government (P.A. Schmuck, and others); (8) Strategies for Overcoming the Barriers to Women in Educational Administration (C. Shakeshaft); (9) The Treatment of Sex Equity in Teacher Education (D. Sadker, M.Sadker); (10) Sex Equity in Testing (E.E. Diamond, C.K. Tittle); (11) Sex Equity in Classroom Organization and Climate (M.E. Lockheed); (12) Sex Equity and Sex Bias in Instructional Materials (K.P. Scott, C.G. Schau); (13) Increasing the Participation and Achievement of Girls and Women in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (E.K. Stage, and others); (14) Sex Equity in Reading and Communication skills (K. P. Scott, and others); (15) Sex Equity in Social Studies (C.L. Hahn, J. Bernard-Powers); (16) Sex Equity in Visual Arts Education (R. Sandell, and others); (17) Sex Equity in Physical Education and Athletics (P.A. Geadelmann); (18) Sex Equity in Career and Vocational Education (H.S. Farmer, J.S. Sidney); (19) Achieving Sex Equity for Minority Women (S. Lewis); (20) Gifted Girls and Women in Education (B.J.A. Gordon, L. Addison); (21) Rural Women and Girls (S.A. Rosenfeld); (22) Educational Programs for Adult Women (R.B. Ekstrom, M.G. Marvel); (23) Educational Equity in Early Education Environments (S. Greenberg); (24) Improving Sex Equity in Postsecondary Education (K. Bogart); and (25) Summary and Recommendations for the Continued Achievement of Sex Equity in and through Education (S. S. Klein, and others). Data and recommendations are presented on 17 tables. A list of editors and major authors is included. (BJV)

Measuring Sex Stereotypes

Measuring Sex Stereotypes

Author: John E. Williams

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated

ISBN: UVA:X001845181

Category: Psychology

Page: 380

View: 103

An exploration of contemporary sex stereotypes and their prevalence in different cultures is provided in this volume. The authors surpass previous studies in three areas: their data covers thirty nations; they test both children and adults and they examine their findings from three theoretical perspectives - affective meanings, ego states and psychological needs. They also examine the practical implications of pan-cultural stereotypes. Since the publication of the original 1982 edition, new adult data from Singapore and Portugal have also been included.



Author: Irving Singer

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: PSU:000054511866

Category: Philosophy

Page: 135

View: 162

In the first edition of Sex: A Philosophical Primer, Singer offered a new conception of sex, locating it within a spectrum that also includes love and compassion. He suggested that this conception improves upon the work of theorists who tend to relegate sex, love, and compassion to separate and distinct compartments. Singer further argues that sex in human beings is normally--perhaps always in some degree--a composite of the appetitive and the interpersonal, a view that becomes the basis for his later remarks about the relative value of individual sex acts, as well as their place within the aesthetic and moral dimensions of human nature. In the present, expanded edition, Singer supplements the 2001 chapters with a timely and stimulating essay that focuses upon marriage, particularly same-sex marriage. Singer maintains that questions about sex are fundamental in all thinking about the marital condition, and addresses the problem of same-sex legitimization and rights to material benefits by analyzing the nature of marriage, union, and family in their relation to sexuality and love. For first-time and seasoned readers alike, Singer's lucid new reflections will clarify current and emerging issues in the philosophy of sex. Irving Singer is professor of philosophy at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the author of many books, among them Explorations in Love and Sex, Feeling and Imagination, and his trilogies Meaning in Life and The Nature of Love.

Sex Errors of the Body and Related Syndromes

Sex Errors of the Body and Related Syndromes

Author: John Money

Publisher: Paul H Brookes Publishing Company

ISBN: CORNELL:31924068958721

Category: Medical

Page: 168

View: 344

"Professionals must deal with difficult questions when anomalies, or sex errors, occur during development: What factors should be considered when assigning sex to a newborn of indeterminate sex? How can one address the concerns of adolescents with intersexual anomalies such as androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) and congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)? What guidance is there for an individual who is considering sex reassignment?" "Now, this fully revised and expanded edition helps professionals answer these questions, providing the basic knowledge needed to inform and counsel parents of babies born with sexological disabilities and affected individuals themselves as they grow older. This extensively illustrated resource simplifies complicated concepts but retains medical and technical detail. Also, sharing his decades of counseling experience, the author emphasizes the importance of helping individuals attribute problems associated with an anomaly to the anomaly, rather than to themselves." "Pediatricians, physicians, psychologists, counselors, sex educators, and others in the helping professions will find Sex Errors of the Body and Related Syndromes indispensable as a text, as a reference, and as a counseling guide. In addition, individuals with developmental sexual disabilities and their families will turn to this reliable resource for the clear, concise information they need to help them make critical decisions."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved