Creator Born

Creator Born

Author: Shirley Hiter

Publisher: Infinity Publishing

ISBN: 9780741431776

Category: Fiction

Page: 361

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Creator Born: The journey of a young woman. With newly found powers, she discovers she alone has been chosen to save her world. Will her magic and courage be enough?

Working in a world of hurt

Working in a world of hurt

Author: Carol Acton

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781784992422

Category: History

Page: 280

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Working in a world of hurt fills a significant gap in the studies of the psychological trauma wrought by war. It focuses not on soldiers, but on the men and women who fought to save them in casualty clearing stations, hospitals and prison camps. The writings by doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and other medical personnel reveal the spectrum of their responses that range from breakdown to resilience. Through a rich analysis of both published and unpublished personal from the First World War in the early twentieth century to Iraq in the early twenty-first, Acton and Potter put centre stage the letters, diaries, memoirs and weblogs that have chronicled physical and emotional suffering, many for the first time. Wide-ranging in scope, interdisciplinary in method, and written in a scholarly yet accessible style, Working in a world of hurt is essential reading for lecturers and students as well as the general reader.

Rellis Recollections

Rellis Recollections

Author: Tim Gregg

Publisher: Centennial the Association of

ISBN: 1623498473

Category: Education

Page: 144

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Today's RELLIS Campus, the Texas A&M University System's emerging educational, technological, and research reserve, carries with it a proud heritage forged from more than 75 years of remarkable and kindred achievement. First established as Bryan Army Air Field at the outset of World War II, the site has been and will continue to be a hub for learning, leadership, and history in the making. Bryan Field was one of the key domestic military installations during America's involvement in World War II. Its unique and critical mission: to train instructors to teach instrumentation flying to US and Allied aviators. At war's end, the site's long affiliation with Texas A&M began as Bryan Field was converted into "The Annex," the temporary four-year home of first-year cadets attending the A&M College of Texas. Reactivated as Bryan Air Force Base at the outset of the Korean War in 1951 and then permanently transferred to Texas A&M as an off-campus research and training enclave a decade later, today's RELLIS Campus carries on an enduring legacy. In these richly illustrated pages, author Tim Gregg honors the storied past of both the place as well as the people whose lives and life-accomplishments have intersected with the locale. Of those whose futures will be shaped on the RELLIS Campus, A&M System chancellor John Sharp writes in the foreword to the book, "May they take their inspiration from the stories you'll find here."

Abstract Expressionism and Other Modern Works

Abstract Expressionism and Other Modern Works

Author: Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN: 9781588392749

Category: Abstract expressionism

Page: 226

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An exhibition organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art of the Muriel Kallis Steinberg Newman Collection which comprises sixty-three modern paintings, sculptures and works on paper by fifty artists. The Abstract Expressionist paintings that form the heart of this collection were nearly all created in New York City.



Author: Anne Jean M.R. Savary (duc de Rovigo.)


ISBN: OXFORD:555077407


Page: 614

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Holland House

Holland House

Author: Linda Kelly

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780857721556

Category: History

Page: 272

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Situated in the heart of London's Holland Park are the remains of Holland House-the site of what was once England's most celebrated political salon. In the first thirty years of the nineteenth century -when the Whig party were almost constantly out of office-the home of the third Lord Holland became the unofficial centre of the Opposition. Devoted to the ideals of Charles James Fox-the prominent Whig statesman who was also Lord Holland's uncle-and enriched by the progressive views of a new generation of writers,critics and politicians,the influence of Holland House permeated the political climate. Combining politics and the arts,the salon attracted the greatest names of the age-Byron, Thomas Macaulay, Talleyrand and Madame de Stael all dined at Holland House. At a time when revolutions threatened to engulf Europe, the Whig tradition of aristocratic liberalism-avoiding the extremes of radicalism and reaction-proved to be one of the chief factors in the peaceful achievement of parliamentary reform,epitomised by the Great Reform Act of 1832. The embodiment of this tradition was Holland House. The salon was presided over by Lady Holland-a magnetic hostess. Beautiful and clever she had left her much-older husband, Sir Godfrey Webster,to marry Lord Holland and as a result was ostracised in many London drawing rooms. But in Holland House, society would come to her. Lady Holland was in the thick of Whig discussions, occasionally following her own political line.She had a special passion for Napoleon and sent him over a thousand books in St Helena. Occupying a key position in the political and cultural life of the age, Holland House was a unique and important force at a time of great political change. Linda Kelly brings to life the colourful world of Holland House, providing a vivid portrait of London's greatest political salon.

The Vital Roots of European Enlightenment

The Vital Roots of European Enlightenment

Author: Samar Attar

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739162330

Category: History

Page: 194

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The Vital Roots of European Enlightenment is a collection of essays which deal with the influence of Ibn Tufayl, a 12th-century Arab philosopher from Spain, on major European thinkers. His philosophical novel, Hayy Ibn Yaqzan, could be considered one of the most important books that heralded the Scientific Revolution. Its thoughts are found in different variations and to different degrees in the books of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Isaac Newton, and Kant. But if Ibn Tufayl's fundamental values, such as equality, freedom and toleration, which the thinkers of the European Enlightenment had adopted as theirs, paved the way to the French Revolution, they certainly marked the end of the age of reason in southern Spain and the rest of the Islamic world. Ibn Tufayl's philosophy was appropriated, subverted, or reinvented for many centuries. But the memory of the man who wrote such an influential book was buried in the dust of history. The Vital Roots of European Enlightenment reexamines Ibn Tufayl's momentous book and its continued influence over contemporary philosophy. This intriguing book will appeal to those interested in comparative literature and religion.

Shakespeare and Dickens

Shakespeare and Dickens

Author: Valerie L Gager

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052145526X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 446

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Tracing Dickens' interest in Shakespeare through his own reading and performance and through numerous theatrical, literary, and artistic sources, Shakespeare and Dickens argues that imaginative transformations of Shakespeare's words and ideas enrich all aspects of Dickens' writing, including aesthetic principles, language, imagery, plot, theme, tone, structure, and characterization. The book proceeds to examine theoretical ideas about influence and allusion as aspects of style, and analyzes ways in which Dickens typically employs references to Shakespeare. The final section catalogues approximately one thousand references to Shakespeare's plays and poems drawn from Dickens' fiction, essays, letters, and speeches.

Fanny Kemble

Fanny Kemble

Author: Deirdre David

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812201741

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 376

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A ForeWord magazine Book of the Year for 2007 Charismatic, highly intelligent, and splendidly talented, Fanny Kemble (1809-93) was a Victorian celebrity, known on both sides of the Atlantic as an actress and member of the famous Kemble theatrical dynasty, as a fierce opponent of slavery despite her marriage to a wealthy slave owner, as a brilliantly successful solo performer of Shakespeare, and as the author of journals about her career and life on her husband's Georgia plantations. She was, in her own words, irresistible as a "woman who has sat at dinner alongside Byron . . . and who calls Tennyson, Alfred." Touring in America with her father in the early 1830s, Kemble impulsively wed the wealthy and charming Philadelphia bachelor Pierce Butler, beginning a tumultuous marriage that ended in a sensational divorce and custody battle fourteen years later. At the time of their marriage, Kemble had not yet visited the vast Georgia rice and cotton plantations to which Butler was heir. In the winter of 1838, they visited Butler's southern holdings, and a horrified Kemble wrote what would later be published on both sides of the Atlantic as Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation. An important text for abolitionists, it revealed the inner workings of a plantation and the appalling conditions in which slaves lived. Returning to England after her divorce, she fashioned a new career as a solo performer of Shakespeare's plays and as the author of memoirs, several travel narratives and collections of poems, a short novel, and miscellaneous essays on the theater. For the rest of her life, she would divide her time between the two countries. In the various roles she performed in her life, on stage and off—abolitionist, author, estranged wife—Kemble remained highly theatrical, appropriating and subverting nineteenth-century prescriptions for women's lives, ever rewriting the roles to which she was assigned by society and inheritance. Hers was truly a performed life, and in the first Kemble biography in twenty-five years to examine that life in its entirety, Deirdre David presents it in all its richness and complexity.