Microsoft Movies & Tv App: An Easy Guide to the Best Features

Microsoft Movies & Tv App: An Easy Guide to the Best Features

Author: Bill Stonehem

Publisher: First Rank Publishing



Page: 40

View: 641

The Microsoft TV and Movie app also referred to as Film and TV app and Xbox Video, depending on the country you are in and the device you happen to be using. The app was developed in October 2012 as a digital movie service that provides full length movies and TV series for rental as well as purchase. This app is available on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows 8 and newer as well as the Windows Phone 8 and newer; you can use it directly from the web. It offers up to 400, 000 films and television series, with a free preview of up to 1 minute.

The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law

The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law

Author: Doug Isenberg

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780679642473

Category: Law

Page: 432

View: 762

Advance praise for The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law “I read this book from cover to cover. The examples of case law are of enormous illustrative value. Some of them will raise your blood pressure (well, mine went up several notches, anyway). Well worth the time to read!” —Vint Cerf, chairman, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) “Doug Isenberg pulls off the toughest hat trick in legal writing—he and his contributing authors map out the legal landscape of cyberspace in language accessible and friendly to lay readers, providing a comprehensive guide for lawyers who want to gain a quick grasp of cyberlaw, and they do all this with scholarly care for accuracy and precision.” —Mike Godwin, author of Cyber Rights: Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age “A treasure trove of information that is a relief to find, a pleasure to read, and a snap to apply to dozens of your most pressing Internet legal questions.” —Carol Darr, director of the Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet “Doug Isenberg is the authority on all issues regarding Internet law. His insight is exceptional, his experience unsurpassed. This book is both a reference work and a bible, enlightening and showing the way—a quintessential, all-encompassing work for both the novice and the veteran.” —Marc Adler, chairman and CEO, Macquarium Intelligent Communications Doug Isenberg is an attorney and the founder of, an award-winning website about Internet law. He writes regularly as a columnist for The Wall Street Journal Online and CNET and has represented numerous high-tech and Internet clients. For more information about The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law, visit:

The EBay Price Guide

The EBay Price Guide

Author: Julia L. Wilkinson


ISBN: 1593270550

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 569

View: 470

Provides lists of selling prices of items found on eBay in such categories as antiques, boats, books, cameras, coins, collectibles, dolls, DVDs, real estate, stamps, tickets, and video games.

PlayStation? 2 For Dummies?

PlayStation? 2 For Dummies?

Author: Dan Amrich

Publisher: For Dummies

ISBN: 0764508334

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 316

View: 489

With its Internet port, DVD player, and computing muscle -- not to mention its next-generation graphics -- Sony Playstation 2 is today's hottest entertainment platform. Written by the experts at GamePro magazine, this friendly guide shows you how to have more fun with Playstation 2, from the inside scoop on gaming techniques and video applications to a game directory complete with tips, tricks, and cheats.

The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume V

The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume V

Author: James Dixon


ISBN: 9781291816938

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 370

View: 604

An invaluable resource for any wrestling fan of the era. The fifth in the series from This is the complete guide to every WWF VHS release from October 1999 to May 2002, with full reviews of every tape, alternative wrestler bios, exclusive artwork by Bob Dahlstrom, awards, match ratings, and much, much more. Read about the failed WCW invasion angle, the return of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and many others, relive some of the greatest matches of any era, cringe at some of the worst, enjoy the rise of Triple H to genuine main event player, witness the Rock take off as an icon on a whole new level. Plus Tough Enough, who ran over Steve Austin, TLC matches, Diva tapes and much, much more! By far the biggest book the team have ever don, e featuring more in depth analysis and comment than ever before.

Hands-On Guide to Video Blogging and Podcasting

Hands-On Guide to Video Blogging and Podcasting

Author: Lionel Felix

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136033858

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 360

View: 417

For all of your video and audio blogging business and professional communication needs, this book is it! The Hands-on Guide to Video Blogging and Podcasting provides tremendous value to those content publishers, big and small, that want to create syndicated video blog and podcast content. The simplified, plain talking break-down the authors bring to the book will give everyone the tools to plan, create, and execute a blog/podcast outlet. This book explains these emerging media tools from a professional perspective. Quickly learn the technical aspects of video blogging and podcasting along with their business and financial ramifications.

Examining the Evolution of Gaming and Its Impact on Social, Cultural, and Political Perspectives

Examining the Evolution of Gaming and Its Impact on Social, Cultural, and Political Perspectives

Author: Valentine, Keri Duncan

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522502623

Category: Computers

Page: 456

View: 614

With complex stories and stunning visuals eliciting intense emotional responses, coupled with opportunities for self-expression and problem solving, video games are a powerful medium to foster empathy, critical thinking, and creativity in players. As these games grow in popularity, ambition, and technological prowess, they become a legitimate art form, shedding old attitudes and misconceptions along the way. Examining the Evolution of Gaming and Its Impact on Social, Cultural, and Political Perspectives asks whether videogames have the power to transform a player and his or her beliefs from a sociopolitical perspective. Unlike traditional forms of storytelling, videogames allow users to immerse themselves in new worlds, situations, and politics. This publication surveys the landscape of videogames and analyzes the emergent gaming that shifts the definition and cultural effects of videogames. This book is a valuable resource to game designers and developers, sociologists, students of gaming, and researchers in relevant fields.