Houses Divided

Houses Divided

Author: Marilynn Knott

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480803688

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Twenty-first-century Christians face a host of complex, divisive issues that threaten the unity of the church. In Houses Divided, author Marilynn Knott challenges the members of churches in the United States to put aside their differences and start conversations that can bring them together as the active and functioning Body of Christ in the world today. Knott connects the struggles facing modern society on social issues with those faced by Christians trying to apply biblical values to modern life. In Houses Divided, she first sketches the basic tenets of Christianity and responds to the tenets as they relate to society. She then provides a discussion of sin and looks at greed in our culture—how it impacts society, and how individuals and the body of Christ are called to turn away from its enticements. She discusses the place and role of government within the United States. Finally, she suggests a continuum of caring that brings entities together to address providing for the common good and explores some of the sticky-wicket issues—abortion, guns, immigration, and homosexuality—that currently divide Christians. Sharing personal experiences to help illustrate her vision of a more caring world, Knott makes a clear argument for the importance of applying the broad principles of Jesus’s teachings to helping the less fortunate.

A House Divided

A House Divided

Author: Cecilia Holloman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595218257

Category: Fiction

Page: 204

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In a world faced with terrorism and division, God's people are called to be Restorer's of Broken Walls and Repairers of Streets and Dwellings.Believers everywhere are challenged to set the example of love and unity and to bring healing to broken communities, families and individuals.In this nation, that has been founded on the principles of "Unity in Diversity", God's people must walk together in love and power if there is to be healing in the land.Collaboration is the key to such unity and restoration."A House Divided" calls for faith based collaboration in this great nation, celebrating and honoring our creed, "From Many… One, E Pluribus Unum." This book boldly proclaims that there can be "No Division" in the White House, in God's House, or in our House."

A House Divided (The Russians Book #2)

A House Divided (The Russians Book #2)

Author: Michael Phillips

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441229755

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 237

As the war in the Balkans nears its end, Prince Sergei Fedorcenko returns to St. Petersburg and to his love, Anna Burenin, whose brother, Paul, has joined the revolutionaries. Torn between love for her family and devotion to the Fedorcenkos, Anna's faith is her only comfort as she tries to keep those closest to her--and all of Russia--from becoming a house divided.

Crisis of the House Divided

Crisis of the House Divided

Author: Harry V. Jaffa

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226391182

Category: History

Page: 466

View: 442

Crisis of the House Divided is the standard historiography of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Harry Jaffa provides the definitive analysis of the political principles that guided Lincoln from his reentry into politics in 1854 through his Senate campaign against Douglas in 1858. To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the original publication, Jaffa has provided a new introduction. "Crisis of the House Divided has shaped the thought of a generation of Abraham Lincoln and Civil War scholars."—Mark E. Needly, Jr., Civil War History "An important book about one of the great episodes in the history of the sectional controversy. It breaks new ground and opens a new view of Lincoln's significance as a political thinker."—T. Harry Williams, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences "A searching and provocative analysis of the issues confronted and the ideas expounded in the great debates. . . . A book which displays such learning and insight that it cannot fail to excite the admiration even of scholars who disagree with its major arguments and conclusions."—D. E. Fehrenbacher, American Historical Review

A House Divided

A House Divided

Author: Donna Hill

Publisher: Dafina

ISBN: 9781496707925

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 301

Families always have secrets. And secrets have the power to heal—or hurt. Now beloved author Donna Hill's enthralling novel explores the wrongs we do for the right reasons, and the ways we struggle to reconcile the truth. Journalist Zoie Crawford had to leave New Orleans to finally make her own life. Her grandmother, Claudia, inspired her to follow her dreams—just as her mother, Rose, held on too tight. But with Claudia's passing, Zoie reluctantly returns home, where the past is written in the lonely corners of the bayou and the New South's supercharged corridors of power. And there she discovers a stunning, painstakingly kept secret—one that could skyrocket her career, but destroy another woman’s—and change both their vastly different lives, for better or for much worse. Zoie has always put the truth first. Now, as the line between the personal and professional blurs, and she tries to understand her relatives’ deception, she must face some tough questions. Is there a way to expose the truth and save those you love? And at what cost? Heartfelt, emotional, and revelatory, A House Divided is an unforgettable tale about making the hardest of choices, coming to terms with all you could lose—and finding what forgiveness and family truly mean.

A House Divided Cannot Stand

A House Divided Cannot Stand

Author: Barbara Ann Mary Mack

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781410758286

Category: Poetry

Page: 120

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A House Divided Cannot Stand, is a collection of poems based on division among Christians. My writings express the reality of division in the Church, caused by racism, prejudice, and discrimination. A House Divided Cannot Stand, contains about one hundred poems that expresses Gods views towards division, and the origin and results of separation in the Christian community. This book was composed within seven days, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. FATHER, YOU CALLED YOUR CHILDREN OF ALL COLORS INTO A HOLY LIFE UNTO YOU. HELP US LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS YOU LOVE

House of Jacob - United, Divided & in Exile

House of Jacob - United, Divided & in Exile

Author: Pastor Scott Ronald Akerson-Pokorney

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781612153971

Category: Religion

Page: 140

View: 556

Pastor Scott Ronald Akerson-Pokorney is pastor of the web based church NewCovenant Christian Church. This is an online church with daily devotions and podcastBible teaching and sermons. The web address is http: // Theaim is to bring a message of hope to edify believers and to turn the hearts of those comingto faith. Pastor Scott holds degrees from the University of Colorado and DallasTheological Seminary. He is married to Lee Pokorney and has three daughters: Christine, Jennifer, and Amy Pokorney.

A Neighborhood Divided

A Neighborhood Divided

Author: Jane Balin

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501720826

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

View: 857

When a nursing facility for AIDS patients is planned for a city neighborhood, residents might be expected to respond, "Not in my backyard." But, as Jane Balin recounts in A Neighborhood Divided, when that community is known for its racial and ethnic diversity and liberal attitudes, public reaction becomes less predictable and in many ways more important to comprehend. An ethnographer who spent two years talking with inhabitants of a progressive neighborhood facing this prospect, Jane Balin demonstrates that the controversy divided residents in surprising ways. She discovered that those most strongly opposed to the facility lived furthest away, that families with young children were evenly represented in the two camps, and that African Americans followed a Jewish community leader in opposing the home while dismissing their own minister's support of it. By viewing each side sympathetically and allowing participants to express their true feelings about AIDS, the author invites readers to recognize their own anxieties over this sensitive issue. Balin's insightful work stresses the importance of uncovering the ideologies and fears of middle-class Americans in order to understand the range of responses that AIDS has provoked in our society. Its ethnographic approach expands the parameters of NIMBY research, offering a clearer picture of the multi-faceted anxieties that drive responses to AIDS at both the local and national levels.

Introduction to Aquarian Astrology

Introduction to Aquarian Astrology

Author: Ján Kaleta


ISBN: 9781445714790


Page: 240

View: 746

A modern integral astrology, which is found by the author, a contemporary Czech astrologer Ján Kaleta. Aquarian Astrology works with the basic structure of human being, which is defined by the esotericists, and proven by the experience of many researchers of human consciousness. Aquarian Astrology expresses the searching so called 'intention of soul' which is related to the present incarnation. Aquarian Astrology turns the attention of the adept on the long periodal influences of great cycles, especially the Preccesion Cycle of the Earth Axis. It is noticing the individual and transpersonal human experiences but also gives heed to the threshold of the sociocultural and individual experience with regard to rising number of people, who reach it. The author is confirming the empiric research by own astrological praxis through the last years. The work done is fruitful in understanding how the new astrology can work.