Finding Jobs

Finding Jobs

Author: David Card

Publisher: Russell Sage Foundation

ISBN: 9781610441049

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 560

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Do plummeting welfare caseloads and rising employment prove that welfare reform policies have succeeded, or is this success due primarily to the job explosion created by today's robust economy? With roughly one to two million people expected to leave welfare in the coming decades, uncertainty about their long-term prospects troubles many social scientists. Finding Jobs offers a thorough examination of the low-skill labor market and its capacity to sustain this rising tide of workers, many of whom are single mothers with limited education. Each chapter examines specific trends in the labor market to ask such questions as: How secure are these low-skill jobs, particularly in the event of a recession? What can these workers expect in terms of wage growth and career advancement opportunities? How will a surge in the workforce affect opportunities for those already employed in low-skill jobs? Finding Jobs offers both good and bad news about work and welfare reform. Although the research presented in this book demonstrates that it is possible to find jobs for people who have traditionally relied on public assistance, it also offers cautionary evidence that today's strong economy may mask enduring underlying problems. Finding Jobs shows that the low-wage labor market is particularly vulnerable to economic downswings and that lower skilled workers enjoy less job stability. Several chapters illustrate why financial incentives, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), are as essential to encouraging workforce participation as job search programs. Other chapters show the importance of including provisions for health insurance, and of increasing subsidies for child care to assist the large population of working single mothers affected by welfare reform. Finding Jobs also examines the potential costs of new welfare restrictions. It looks at how states can improve their flexibility in imposing time limits on families receiving welfare, and calls into question the cutbacks in eligibility for immigrants, who traditionally have relied less on public assistance than their native-born counterparts. Finding Jobs is an informative and wide-ranging inquiry into the issues raised by welfare reform. Based on comprehensive new data, this volume offers valuable guidance to policymakers looking to design policies that will increase work, raise incomes, and lower poverty in changing economic conditions.



Author: Bonnie Baabu

Publisher: Educreation Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 194

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Finding Jobs is a book that is solely designed to assist fresh grads and industry professionals during their job search journey. A deliberate attempt is made to link technology with real job search scenarios. This book gives readers a realistic view of what they can expect from today's job market. A lot of emphasis is given on technology and how it is impacting today's hiring scenario. Interesting topics to read: Building great Communication etiquette, Managing social & professional media channels, How to manage a potential employer research effectively? Social Networking, Face to Face Networking 101, How to digitally clean your on-line profile page? Innovations in HR- what to look out for? Consider this book as a preparation guide before you embark on your job search journey. This book definitely opens up doors for discussion on new technological changes that are well hidden from the out-side candidate market. It further motivates candidates to adapt and use on-going technological changes to their advantage to enhance their candidature skills. Reference files: The end chapters provide global website links and references for 100+ job sites to be explored by job seekers keen on identifying local or international assignments.

Finding Work You Love

Finding Work You Love

Author: Kirk Snyder

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 9781984856685

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 712

A three-step career system to help you tap into your own unique value to find a deeply meaningful and engaging job, whether you're a college student, a recent graduate, or a new professional looking for a fresh start. “Snyder’s proven step-by-step plan shows you how to create a meaningful career you will love.”—Tasha Eurich, New York Timesbestselling author of Insight and Bankable Leadership In Finding Work You Love, award-winning University of Southern California business school professor Kirk Snyder helps you match the value you alone bring to today's new job market with work that rewards you for who you are in the professional world. When you find a role that leverages the exact strengths and abilities you have to offer, you set yourself up for a rewarding career that matters. Based on the top-rated course he teaches to graduate and undergraduate students, Professor Snyder's "Working You" system has three simple steps. First you take a guided inventory of your professional value: Who are you and what makes you special? What can you do that sets you apart? How are you personally motivated to be who you want to be? Next, you evaluate different fields, companies, and roles that truly fit with your personal inventory. And finally, having created a job bank of twenty-five high-potential positions just for you, you learn how to turn your right fits into tangible offers. Along the way, stories from current students, college grads, and new professionals who have used this system show you how easy it is to navigate the process. If you're ready to find the fulfilling and successful career you've dreamed of, start here.

Finding Work

Finding Work

Author: Percy Moleke

Publisher: HSRC Press

ISBN: 0796921059

Category: College graduates

Page: 60

View: 543

Complementing existing labour-market research on graduates, this study provides qualitative and quantitative data relating to graduates, experiences in the labour market. The data presented here offers a clear picture of graduate employment and includes the time it takes graduates to find employment, the factors that influence employability, the types of jobs they find, their perceptions of the relation of the level of jobs they found to their qualifications and to the sectors of employment. The report also looks at graduate unemployment, the period of unemployment and the reasons for unemployment. It reports on mobility in the South African labour market and what influences such mobility, and reviews the extent to which graduates move abroad and the reasons for deciding to move. It further investigates why the graduates surveyed chose to continue studying after obtaining their first degrees and reports on graduates? perceptions of the skills they acquired through higher education. For planners and employers, the report will inform long-term strategies aimed at developing an effective and appropriately trained workforce for South Africa. Prospective and current students will find the report?s in-depth information on the way in which the graduate labour market works both useful and relevant.

Finding Work After 40

Finding Work After 40

Author: Robin McKay Bell

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408134788

Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

View: 601

Ageism is now a massive problem for older managers and professionals who have been made redundant. The guide presents a successful programme for mature workers, one that has been developed and tested by a network of executive job clubs. Readers are taken through a process of self-assessment, shown how to re-examine their career goals in light of their age, and then given a set of tools to help achieve their objectives, whether it is finding new employment or becoming self-employed.

Finding a Career that Works for You

Finding a Career that Works for You

Author: Wilma Fellman

Publisher: Specialty PressInc

ISBN: UOM:39076002742414

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 236

View: 910

Updated with the latest research, this guide is essential for people who are in the process of choosing a career and finding a job. By teaching how to better understand one’s interests, aptitudes, personality, and goals, practical tips are provided on how to find a job in a chosen field—where to search for available jobs, the best ways to prepare a resume, how to write a cover letter, and how to make the best impression during a job interview. Filled with personal stories of people who have found work they love despite potentially overwhelming challenges, this book is a road map to finding the perfect career.