ECCWS 2021- Proceeding of the 20th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security

ECCWS 2021- Proceeding of the 20th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security

Author: Thaddeus Eze

Publisher: Acpil

ISBN: 1912764997

Category: Education

Page: 646

View: 237

These proceedings represent the work of contributors to the 20th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS 2021), supported by University of Chester, UK on 24-25 June 2021. The Conference Co-chairs are Dr Thaddeus Eze University of Chester and Dr Lee Speakman, University of Salford and the Programme Chair is Dr Cyril Onwubiko from IEEE and Director, Cyber Security Intelligence at Research Series Limited. ECCWS is a well-established event on the academic research calendar and now in its 20th year the key aim remains the opportunity for participants to share ideas and meet. The conference was due to be held at University of Chester, UK, but due to the global Covid-19 pandemic it was moved online to be held as a virtual event. The scope of papers will ensure an interesting conference. The subjects covered illustrate the wide range of topics that fall into this important and ever-growing area of research. The opening keynote presentation is given by Detective Inspector David Turner, and Detective Constable Michael Roberts on the topic of Policing the UK Cyber Space. There will be a second keynote at 12:45 on Thursday presented by: Detective Constable Will Farrell, and Police Constable Phil Byrom on CyberChoices - Helping young people choose the right and legal path. The second day of the conference will open with an address by of the Keith Terrill, and Louisa Murphy speaking on Current Cyber Crime Patterns and Trends - Covering the Traditional and Dark Webs. With an initial submission of 116 abstracts, after the double blind, peer review process there are 54 Academic research papers, 11 PhD research papers, 4 Masters research paper and 5 work-in-progress papers published in these Conference Proceedings. These papers represent research from Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, KENYA, Kosovo, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, UK and USA.

Understanding the EU as a Good Global Actor

Understanding the EU as a Good Global Actor

Author: Fahey, Elaine

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781802202984

Category: Law

Page: 315

View: 445

This timely book investigates the EU’s multi-faceted development as a global actor, unpacking its legal mission to be a ‘good’ actor as well as exploring the complexities of fulfilling this objective. It elicits critical reflections on the question of ‘goodness’ in EU external relations from descriptive, analytical and normative perspectives, and examines which metrics of actorness are useful in tackling this subject.

Russia's War on Everybody

Russia's War on Everybody

Author: Keir Giles

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350255098

Category: Political Science

Page: 383

View: 479

You may not be interested in Russia. But Russia is interested in you. Russia's 2022 attack on Ukraine saw confrontation between Moscow and the West spill over into open conflict once again. But Russia has also been waging a clandestine war against the West for decades. Hostile acts abroad, from poisoning dissidents to shooting down airliners, interfering in elections, spying, hacking and murdering, have long seemed to be the Kremlin's daily business. But what is it all for? Why does Russia consistently behave like this? And what does it achieve? In this book, Keir Giles explains how and why Russia pushes for more power and influence wherever it can reach, far beyond Ukraine – and what it means not just for governments, but for ordinary people. Bringing together stories from the military, politics, diplomacy, espionage, cyber power, organised crime and more, Giles describes how Moscow conducts its campaigns across the globe, and how nobody is too unimportant to be caught up in them. By lifting the lid on the daily struggle going on behind the scenes to protect governments, businesses, societies and people from Russian hostile activity, Russia's War On Everybody shows how Moscow's hostile intentions for the rest of the world are far broader and more ambitious, and the ways it tries to achieve them far more pervasive and damaging, than we realise.

Advances in Malware and Data-Driven Network Security

Advances in Malware and Data-Driven Network Security

Author: Gupta, Brij B.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799877912

Category: Computers

Page: 304

View: 533

Every day approximately three-hundred thousand to four-hundred thousand new malware are registered, many of them being adware and variants of previously known malware. Anti-virus companies and researchers cannot deal with such a deluge of malware – to analyze and build patches. The only way to scale the efforts is to build algorithms to enable machines to analyze malware and classify and cluster them to such a level of granularity that it will enable humans (or machines) to gain critical insights about them and build solutions that are specific enough to detect and thwart existing malware and generic-enough to thwart future variants. Advances in Malware and Data-Driven Network Security comprehensively covers data-driven malware security with an emphasis on using statistical, machine learning, and AI as well as the current trends in ML/statistical approaches to detecting, clustering, and classification of cyber-threats. Providing information on advances in malware and data-driven network security as well as future research directions, it is ideal for graduate students, academicians, faculty members, scientists, software developers, security analysts, computer engineers, programmers, IT specialists, and researchers who are seeking to learn and carry out research in the area of malware and data-driven network security.

Mensch & Computer 2006

Mensch & Computer 2006

Author: Andreas M. Heinecke

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3486581295

Category: Computers

Page: 476

View: 995

Fur einen erfolgreichen Strukturwandel mussen sich Wirtschaft, Technik, Arbeitswelt und Wissenschaft dem Wandel stellen: von der industriellen zur wissensbasierten Okonomie, von der Schwerindustrie zu Hightech-Produkten, von alter Produktion zu neuen Dienstleistungen, vom Lernen fur das Leben zu lebenslangem Lernen, von lokaler Verrichtung von Arbeit zu globalem Agieren, vom Computerarbeitsplatz zur intelligenten Umgebung. Im Fokus der Mensch & Computer 2006 steht die Frage nach der Wandlungsfahigkeit und -fertigkeit des Strukturgeflechts von Mensch und Computer. Welche Rollen spielen sie im Wandel? Was ist Ursache, was ist Wirkung? Wer agiert, wer reagiert? Wie konnen Computeranwendungen dem Menschen in seinen verschiedenen Rollen im Wandel helfen? Der Band enthalt eingeladene Vortrage und wissenschaftliche Beitrage in Form von Vortragen, System-demonstrationen, Design-Prasentationen und Postern zu den Themen: - Modellierung; Partizipation; Qualitatssicherung und Evaluation; Benutzung im Wandel / Aufgabenunterstutzung; Neue Interaktionstechniken / Navigation und Visualisierung / Multimodale und adaptive Schnittstellen / Virtuelle und erweiterte Umgebungen / Erweiterung der Realitat/ Edutainment und Spiele / Spielerisches Agieren / Lernen und Lehren / Knowledge Media Design / Electronic Health "