Counting Religion in Britain, 1970-2020

Counting Religion in Britain, 1970-2020

Author: Clive D. Field

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192849328

Category: History

Page: 489

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Counting Religion in Britain, 1970-2020, the fourth volume in the author's chronological history of British secularization, sheds significant new light on the nature, scale, and timing of religious change in Britain during the past half-century, with particular reference to quantitative sources. Adopting a key performance indicators approach, twenty-one facets of personal religious belonging, behaving, and believing are examined, offering a much wider range of lenses through which the health of religion can be viewed and appraised than most contemporary scholarship. Summative analysis of these indicators, by means of a secularization dashboard, leads to a reaffirmation of the validity of secularization (in its descriptive sense) as the dominant narrative and direction of travel since 1970, while acknowledging that it is an incomplete process and without endorsing all aspects of the paradigmatic expression of secularization as a by-product of modernization.

Catholics in Contemporary Britain

Catholics in Contemporary Britain

Author: Ben Clements

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192670519

Category: Religion

Page: 231

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Catholics in Contemporary Britain showcases findings from a wide-ranging, empirical study of Catholics living in Britain. It offers a sociologically-informed study, placing the contemporary Catholic community in the wider contexts of their society and the global faith of which they are a part. The book has been animated by a set of compelling broader questions : Who are the Catholics in Britain? How do they engage with their faith and with the Church? What do they think about issue within, and the leadership of, their Church? What are their views on wider social issues and of the party-political landscape? The study is thematically broad in scope, focusing on demography, religiosity (addressing the three 'Bs' of 'believing', 'belonging', and 'behaving'), social-moral issues, church leadership and schooling, and party support and voting behaviour. The book presents a rich and fascinating demographic, religious, and attitudinal profile of Britain's Catholics in the 21st Century.

Queer Data

Queer Data

Author: Kevin Guyan

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350230750

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Data has never mattered more. Our lives are increasingly shaped by it and how it is defined, collected and used. But who counts in the collection, analysis and application of data? This important book is the first to look at queer data – defined as data relating to gender, sex, sexual orientation and trans identity/history. The author shows us how current data practices reflect an incomplete account of LGBTQ lives and helps us understand how data biases are used to delegitimise the everyday experiences of queer people. Guyan demonstrates why it is important to understand, collect and analyse queer data, the benefits and challenges involved in doing so, and how we might better use queer data in our work. Arming us with the tools for action, this book shows how greater knowledge about queer identities is instrumental in informing decisions about resource allocation, changes to legislation, access to services, representation and visibility.

Directory of American Scholars: History

Directory of American Scholars: History

Author: Rita C. Velázquez

Publisher: Gale Research International, Limited

ISBN: 0787631655

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 756

View: 768

Completely updtaed, this 9th edition presents biographical profiles of United States and Canadian scholars currently active in teaching, research and publishing in the fields of philosophy, religion and law.