Beyond the Bottom Line

Beyond the Bottom Line

Author: Jack Quarter

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 1567204147

Category: Business ethics

Page: 226

View: 319

A study of business owners who use their firms as laboratories for social innovation. After introducing this phenomenon in historical perspective, Jack Quarter provides 11 case studies of contemporary innovators from six countries, including the UK, the USA, Germany and Canada.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Author: Gillian Butler

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781606238691

Category: Psychology

Page: 241

View: 553

Helping therapists bring about enduring change when treating clients with any anxiety disorder, this invaluable book combines expert guidance, in-depth exploration, and innovative clinical strategies. The authors draw on extensive experience and research to provide a framework for constructing lucid formulations of complex cases. They identify obstacles that frequently arise during the early, middle, and later stages of treatment and present a wide range of practical solutions. The volume demonstrates clear-cut yet flexible ways to enhance client engagement, foster metacognitive awareness, facilitate emotional processing, address low self-esteem and fear of uncertainty, and much more. Reproducible handouts and forms are included.

The House of Difference

The House of Difference

Author: Eva Mackey

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802084818

Category: Social Science

Page: 228

View: 589

Mackey argues that official policies and attitudes of multicultural 'tolerance' for 'others' reinforce the dominant Anglo-Canadian culture by abducting the cultures of minority groups.

ADA Yearbook 1995

ADA Yearbook 1995

Author: Mark Ratcliffe

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 9051992181

Category: Computers

Page: 472

View: 983

This the fifth issue of the annual publication organized by ADA UK. The intended audience includes managers (needing contact addresses and access to information about ADA products), software and systems engineers using ADA or those intending to use it, requiring detailed technical information about the language. Moreover, those readers new to ADA will be able to gain useful insights about the language and its evolution.

EXIN Green IT Foundation

EXIN Green IT Foundation

Author: René Visser

Publisher: Van Haren

ISBN: 9789087537890

Category: Education

Page: 133

View: 846

This workbook is meant to fully prepare yourself on the exam of EXIN Green IT Foundation. Topics dealt with are Understanding Green IT; Lifecycle management; Optimizing the Infrastructure; IT as Enabler; Governance and processes for Green IT.In this workbook you will find 40 multiple choice exam questions from the EXIN sample exam and to help increase your knowledge about Green IT we also have included so-called get it questions.The exam requirements and weight are specified in the exam specifications, mentioned in advance of every chapter of the workbook. The certificate is designed for Everyone who wishes to prepare for the EXIN Green IT Foundation exam and everyone interested in the basics of greening IT:- IT professionals and sustainability officers seeking to reduce costs, increase efficiency and/or reduce the organizations environmental footprint through technology. - Managers and professionals in the IT organization who need to transform IT operations to a more sustainable and cost effective service provision model.