Bodily Healing and the Atonement

Bodily Healing and the Atonement

Author: T. J. McCrossan

Publisher: Kenneth Hagin Ministries

ISBN: 0892765054

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 98

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Reedited and reprinted by Kenneth E. Hagin and Dr. Roy Hicks, this in-depth study clearly proves to believers that Christ died for their sicknesses just as He died for their sins.

Bodily Healing And The Atonement

Bodily Healing And The Atonement

Author: T J McCrossan


ISBN: 107045012X


Page: 136

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This is the 1930 version of T. J. McCrossan's Bodily Healing And The Atonement (not to be confused with the revised version released by Kenneth Hagin). THIS book proves conclusively from the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, that Christ died for our sicknesses, as He died for our sins, and meets fully from the Word every reasonable objection. In response to one reader, the Kindle version has been reformatted to link to each chapter from the table of contents and the places in the book where a section is referenced. See Contents. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTORY REMARKSSatan the real originator and propagator of sin, sickness and death. How he propagates sickness. DIVISION ISix Great Biblical Reasons Why All Christians Should Take Christ As the Healer of Their Bodies. Reason IBecause God healed the sick in Old Testament and New Testament times and He is an unchangeable God. Reason IIBecause the Lord Jesus Christ died to atone for our sicknesses just as He died to atone for our sins. This truth clearly taught by Isaiah, Matthew, Peter and Paul. The true teaching of Matt. 8:17,"That it might be fulfilled." Delitzsch's exposition of Isaiah 53:4. This great truth taught by Old Testament types. Reason IIIBecause all sickness is the result of Satan's work, and Christ was manifested to destroy (annul the power of) Satan's work Reason IVBecause the very same Holy Spirit, Who did all of Christ's miracles, and raised Him from the dead, Who did all of Paul's miracles, is still in the Church, and has all His old time, life giving power. The true teaching of Rom. 8:11.Reason VBecause of Christ's last great commission in Mark 16:17, and because of God's direct command in James 5:14. Whose faith is here meant by "the prayer of faith shall save the sick"? Reason VIBecause of God's marvelous promises, the fulfillment of which depends altogether upon the exercise of our own faith. Since faith is a gift of God, why is faith for "Bodily Healing" not always imparted instantaneously as in the case of "Salvation?" DIVISION IIWas Divine Healing Only Meant for the Church of the Apostolic Days? Genuine Miracles of Healing Just As Common Today As in Apostolic Times. Names, addresses and diseases here recorded. DIVISION IIIObjections AnsweredDIVISION IVWhy So Many True Saints of God Are not Healed AppendixHow to explain, "Falling Under the Power." ls it Hypnotism, Devil-power, or the power of God? ADDENDA NOTES

Miracles and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the History of the Church

Miracles and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the History of the Church

Author: Jeff Doles

Publisher: Walking Barefoot Ministries

ISBN: 9780974474892

Category: Religion

Page: 280

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GOD HAS ALWAYS DONE MIRACLES IN HIS CHURCH ~ AND STILL DOES! The Holy Spirit has never left the Church and neither have His supernatural gifts and manifestations. They have been available in every century ~ from the days of the Apostolic Fathers, to the desert monks of Egypt and Syria, to the missionary outreaches of the Middle Ages, to the Reformation era and the awakenings and revivals that followed, to the Pentecostal explosion of the Twentieth Century and the increase of signs and wonders in the Twenty-first. Miracles, healings, deliverances, prophecies, dreams, visions ~ even raising the dead! ~ have all been in operation throughout the history of the Church. Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics, Congregationalists, Lutherans, Methodists, Moravians, Presbyterians, Quakers and many others have experienced the supernatural gifts and workings of the Spirit over the centuries. Miracles and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the History of the Church gathers up numerous accounts from a variety of historical sources and provides a handy reference for those who want to know more about: • How the Church has understood and operated in the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit at various times in history. • Why the gifts and miracles were more frequently in manifestation in some eras than in others. • The many ways the Church has ministered in healing and deliverance. • How the Holy Spirit manifested in great revivals. • How the river of gifts and miracles continues to flow today.

Bold Faith

Bold Faith

Author: Ben Pugh

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498280358

Category: Religion

Page: 162

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Bill Johnson, Joyce Meyer, Heidi Baker. The fame of these names is evidence enough that, though the controversies are less intense, the Charismatic Movement is alive and well today. It continues to attract thousands of adherents who find its vision of a supernatural lifestyle uniquely compelling. Now, for the first time, all that is most theologically innovative about the movement is synthesized into five distinct and original ideas. These five brand new theologies have been created, not by theologians, but by practitioners who believed their concepts were inspired by the Spirit: Inner Healing, Shepherding, Word of Faith, Spiritual Warfare, and Signs and Wonders. Plenty of studies have been written by Pentecostal scholars about Pentecostal theology, but these tend to group the very distinct approaches of Charismatics together with Classical Pentecostals. Bold Faith aims to analyze and evaluate the ways in which practitioners within independent Charismatic networks, especially in their Anglo-American expressions, have responded to the challenges of secular modernity.

The 'Spiritual Death' of Jesus

The 'Spiritual Death' of Jesus

Author: William Atkinson

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004171992

Category: Religion

Page: 305

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The teaching of Kenyon, Hagin and Copeland that Jesus 'died spiritually' (JDS) is important because of the influence of these men, not least on Pentecostalism. This title states that adoption of JDS by Pentecostalism would be damaging in several respects, and thus draw the latter away from its moorings in traditional Christianity.

Divine Healing Of The Body

Divine Healing Of The Body

Author: J. Sidlow Baxter

Publisher: Zondervan Academic

ISBN: 9780310537373

Category: Religion

Page: 297

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Divine Healing of the Body covers the history of healing through the centuries as well as how divine healing is present today through the Atonement, and how we experience divine healing today.

Faith Cures, and Answers to Prayer

Faith Cures, and Answers to Prayer

Author: Mrs. Edward Mix

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 081562932X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 312

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This new edition places Sarah Mix (1832-1884) in the context of American religious history, and shows her influence on the emerging faith healing movement and other female healing evangelists, including Carrie Judd Montgomery and Maria Woodworth-Etter. The divine healing movement, also known as faith healing or faith cure was a significant phenomenon in American religion and culture in the late nineteenth century. More importantly, during this period of the divine healing movement, women occupied a central role as practitioners. Both the religious and secular press reported her ministry, which was so successful that physicians referred patients to her. In 1882 Sarah Mix published Faith Cures, and Answers to Prayer, which includes an account of her own healing of tuberculosis by a Methodist minister, letters of testimony from individuals who experienced her gift of healing, and press notices.