Bibliography of Research Studies in Education 1939-1940. Bulletin, 1941

Bibliography of Research Studies in Education 1939-1940. Bulletin, 1941

Author: Ruth A. Gray


ISBN: OCLC:1065962504


Page: 414

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The Bibliography of Research Studies in Education, 1939-40, covers the school year September 1939 through August 1940 and lists 4,012 theses and studies reported by 133 institutions, several of which had not reported previously. The thirteenth bibliography in the series includes 674 doctors' dissertations; 3,184 masters' theses, and 155 studies reported as faculty research. Colleges and universities granting graduate degrees in education, institutions carrying on graduate work in music and theology, and some institutions in which only faculty members conduct research in education, have reported the studies listed. The entries give the author, title, degree, and date when the thesis was completed, the name of the institution granting the degree, number of pages, and a brief descriptive note. The bibliography covers many timely topics in the several fields of education: Current educational conditions in the United States and in foreign countries, Federal and State aid for education, Civilian Conservation Corps, training for the use of leisure time, curriculum making and subjects of the curriculum, the effect of current educational and social conditions on education, the training and status of teachers, the education of racial and exceptional groups, and the various types of libraries and their use. Indexes of institutions, authors, and subjects are included. (Contains 1 footnote.) [Prepared in the Library Division of the Office of Education. Best copy available has been provided.].