Environmental Services of Agroforestry Systems

Environmental Services of Agroforestry Systems

Author: Yale University

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1560221313

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 152

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Get cutting-edge agroforestry research and data Deforestation and the rampant use of fossil fuels are major contributors to increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide and are enormous influences on global warming. Agroforestry systems and tree plantations can help mitigate the resulting climate change and degradation of biodiversity and accelerating climate change. Environmental Services of Agroforestry Systems addresses these global concerns with an essential collection of presentations on biodiversity and climate change from the First World Congress in Agroforestry (Orlando, Florida, 2004). Respected experts discuss the latest research and data on how agroforestry systems can help solve environmental problems through carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation. Years ago, agroforestry’s environmental benefits were mainly seen as being soil amelioration, erosion control, microclimate control, and the alleviation of the effects of drought in semiarid areas. Environmental Services of Agroforestry Systems goes beyond the regional considerations of years past to focus on the challenges of today’s most pressing global environmental concerns. The contributors describe the latest research and concepts in agroforestry systems, reforestation efforts, soils, vegetation, and agriculture while reviewing their economic aspects. Incentives for reforestation and agroforestry are explored in detail. Each chapter is carefully referenced and includes tables to clarify ideas and data. Environmental Services of Agroforestry Systems addresses: advantages of mixed-species plantations tropical pasture and silvo-pastoral systems tropical forest ecosystem management research on the economic feasibility of various land-use systems socio-economic considerations of coffee-growing ecosystems agroforestry systems in Costa Rica Environmental Services of Agroforestry Systems is essential reading for researchers and scientists, as well as professionals in agroforestry, forestry, soils, global change, climate change, and environmental studies, educators, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Local Economic Development and the Environment

Local Economic Development and the Environment

Author: Susan M. Opp

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781482209655

Category: Political Science

Page: 317

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A clear and practical examination of complex issues, Local Economic Development and the Environment: Finding Common Ground provides a broad, academic look at the intersection of two important areas for local administrators. In addition to managing development in a strained economic climate, most administrators are also expected to be stewards of the environment. However, economic conditions often leave them with limited options for pursuing economic development and, at the same time, being environmentally mindful. Many find themselves without a clear understanding of the concepts, tools, and best practices available to accomplish this herculean task. Translating complex environmental and economic concepts into easily applicable practices, the book: Gives practitioners the information they need to communicate with consultants, constituents, and officials, and to avoid ideological obstacles Compares regulatory differences between states and other geographical differences Includes examples from across the country to highlight variations in environmental regulations and laws Provides technical, legal, and political insights into the process of pursuing local economic development projects that incorporate protection and awareness Contains case studies that demonstrate the concepts in action, allowing readers to fully grasp the complexities associated with sustainable economic development Discusses how local administrators can balance the economic and environmental needs of the future Bridging the gap between policy-making intention and outcome, this book connects readers with a larger body of research that not only underpins practical applications but also helps them avoid legal, technical, and political obstacles. It provides an arsenal of best practices and everyday, easy-to-use strategies for optimizing the difficult balance between economic development and environmental protection.

Business Information Sources

Business Information Sources

Author: Lorna M. Daniells

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520081803

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 754

View: 935

Lists and describes the various types of general business reference sources and sources having to do with specific management functions and fields

Abstract Proceeding ICGD 2018: Gender and Development in Changing Society

Abstract Proceeding ICGD 2018: Gender and Development in Changing Society

Author: Participant of International Conference on Gender and Development (ICGD) 2018

Publisher: CV. Social Politic Genius (SIGn)

ISBN: 9786025522178

Category: Social Science

Page: 104

View: 281

International Conference on Gender and Development (ICGD) 2018 was held on the campus of Hasanuddin University in Makassar during 10-11 July 2018. In this activity, 91 abstracts of scientific papers will be presented so that it has many useful discussions and exchanges that contribute to the success of the conference. The 91 abstracts that were presented on the first two days formed the heart of the conference and provided ample opportunity for discussion. This change, allowing the conference to end with invited talks, was a departure from the format used at previous ICGD gatherings in which the conferences ended with a poster session. The abstracts were split almost equally between the ten sub themes. Of the abstracts presented, 91 of which are included in the volume of this process, P3KG Hasanuddin University for the first time publishes an abstract and collaborates with SIGn publishers.