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An introduction to Maral root

Maral roots are not frequently known because it is a rare plant which is only cultivated in some parts of the Russia and in Asia. The rareness and the methods of its cultivation also make the plant less popular among other regions. Maral root is only cultivated on the mountain slopes and it requires extreme care during its cultivation. Germination of maral root is completed in 2-3 weeks depending upon conditions. If the conditions are good for the growth then it gives the best yield but if the conditions are not favorable, like high temperature, then it can results in poor yield. This plant is cultivated because of a wide range of its health benefits. It is available both is fresh and dried powdered forms. Some would argue that it’s expensive, but keep in mind that Maral root is not so easy to find.


Maral Root

Maral Root

Scientists are researching on the importance of the maral grass because of its health benefits. The maral grass is mainly associated with muscle mass building. For that reason it is used by body builders and athletes. There is a wide range of active components in maral roots which are lignin, vitamins, organic acid, flavonoids and the tannins. The ecdysterone is also among these components and is considered as the main component here, as the most of the benefits related to health are associated with the ecdysterone.

There are following health benefits that are associated with the use of maral roots:

  • The main benefit of maral roots is associated with body muscle mass production and strengthening. Maral roots regulate flow of blood towards muscles and increase protein synthesis in the body. In this way it helps in building muscles and gives strengths to them. It is also stated that in earlier days, the Russian soldiers used the maral roots to build up their muscles. It also boosts up the energy level of the body and prevents fatigue and tiredness.
  • The maral roots are also supposed to be good for the sexual strength of males. This benefits is not only confined to human males but it happens with animals as well, since the name of the roots came from the maral deer. The maral deer consumes maral roots in mating season so that they can increase their sexual potency and as well as strengthens the body to fight with other males to defend their territory.
  • Maral roots are also beneficial in preventing the ovarian cancer in the women.
  • Maral roots improves the efficiency of blood cells to intake the oxygen, thus helps in improving the overall efficiency of the body. It also regulates the flow of blood towards body mass, brain and heart muscles. In this way by supplying blood to the brain, it improves the memory and helps in strengthening the brain. That process also helps in preventing mental fatigue.
  • It is also helpful in preventing common cold and increasing resistance of the body.

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in men. Apart from helping you to build and maintain muscle mass, testosterone is responsible for many other important functions, like sex drive and bone density. Low testosterone levels may occur for a number of reasons – ageing, hypogonadism and similar diseases. However, most men do not really need a conventional therapy, as their testosterone levels fall into the normal range for their age. But they still want to boost it up to increase libido, for example. Before trying out various natural solutions for this problem, you may want to follow steps below to achieve higher testosterone levels naturally.

Get More Sleep

One study from a University of Chicago proved that testosterone levels drop dramatically in otherwise healthy males if they don’t get enough sleep. What’s even more concerning is that this happens after only one week of shortened sleep. Apart from low testosterone levels, study participants claimed they felt pretty bad at times their testosterone levels were at the lowest point. We are all different and not everyone needs the same amount of sleep, but a general rule of thumb is to get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. I’ve found out that about seven and a half hours works best for me!

Get Fit

Another important factor in those suffering from low testosterone levels is excess body weight. One study from 2012 showed that losing significant amount of weight has increased testosterone levels in participants by about fifty percent, so that’s something definitely worth looking into if you are overweight. But be careful, do NOT try to lose weight fast. Make sure to exercise regularly and create caloric deficit of around 500 calories. Calculate your TDEE here, subtract 500 calories and workout at least three times a week. Enjoy your results and increase testosterone at the same time!

Check Your Zinc Levels

Many people suffer from Zinc deficiency, especially those who have hypogonadism. But studies also show that Zinc plays an important role in regulating testosterone levels in healhty men. If you want to make the best out of it, don’t just buy Zinc supplement, but look into herbs and minerals which contain a large amount of Zinc, aside from other nutritients – like ant extract and pine pollen.

The Secret of Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen has been used throughout Asia for more than two thousand years. It’s been used as an anti-ageing remedy, to increase physical endurance, strengthen body’s immune system and decrease fatigue. Pine pollen in powder form is free of toxins and pollutants, since insects usually stay away from pine cones. Apart from a small chance of an allergy reaction, pine pollen doesn’t have any serious side effects and it is legitimately one of the most powerful natural supplements.

Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen Composition

This gift of nature contains various beneficial substances like iron, potassium, manganese, sodium and copper, apart from Vitamin E, Vitamin D, folic acid and other essential vitamins and acids. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D and in combination with other minerals, Pine Pollen powder acts as a natural multivitamin.

Pine Pollen Benefits

But the most powerful benefit of this herb is its ability to regulates testosterone, DHEA and androstenedione levels. Pine pollen practically acts like natural steroids, but without any side effects. It is indeed the most powerful natural solution for raising testosterone. This fact actually plays an important role in the animal kingdom. Did you ever wonder what is the cause of increased sex drive in animals once they come out of hibernation? It’s spring and that’s exactly when pine pollen peaks and it’s everywhere around. It has the same effect on human, as it acts like a strong natural aphrodisiac.

Many harvest their own pine pollen, and if you have access to an area filled with pine trees, you might want to get it yourself. It’s pretty easy to harvest pine cones during the peak season. But some of us are not so fortunate and we have to resort to buy them in health stores or through the internet. Just make sure what you buy is legit!

Check out other benefits of pine pollen below:

  • It reduces an enlarged prostate, since this pollen acts as an androgen
  • Speeds up metabolism which consequently helps you to lose fat
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Improves heart health
  • Stimulates the functions of liver and the brain

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