Premature hair loss can occur in both men and women for many reasons. Some of the factors which contribute to this common issue include genetics, menopause, age, pregnancy and even illness. We all know about hair loss transplant, Rogaine and even Finasteride (which can have VERY serious, long-term side effects), but what about natural solutions?

Native American Secret to Beautiful Hair

Well, the first one which comes to mind is saw palmetto extract, which is a concentrated form of Serenoa repens fruit. This fruit has been used by Native Americans for centuries as a remedy for hair and skin. Furthermore, saw palmetto contains a substance which reduces DHT production, a metabolite of testosterone which is partially responsible for enlarged prostate. DHT also contributes to hair loss and there are studies which have proven that saw palmetto has a positive effect on hair loss prevention in certain men.


saw palmetto for hair loss

Saw Palmetto Tree


Massage Oils Against Hair Loss

Another option for those who are looking to prevent further hair loss is to massage your scalp in order to improve circulation and activate follicles. Natural oils like almond, lavander, seasame or bay oil work the best if used on a daily basis to massage scalp for several minutes.

However, some people use common cooking oils for this purpose, like olive, canola and safflower oil. To use those, heat the oil until it’s warm and apply it to your scalp. Make sure to wear shower cap for around 45 minutes before washing out the oil using water or neutral, natural shampoo. You could also make use of mayonnaise instead of a regular conditioner. Apply, put on a shower cap and wait one hour before washing it off.

olive oil hair loss

Quality lifestyle = Better hair

Some people are suffering from hair loss from fairly simple reason – their lifetyle. Vegetarians and those who are not getting enough protein in their diet might want to consider including more protein-rich food on a daily basis. Not only that protein itself may help with hair loss, but the food full of protein often contains good amount of Vitamin B-12, which also plays an important role for this issue.

We are all prone to stress to some degree and this worldwide problem can manifest in many ways. For some, it is a major contributing factor for hair loss. To fight it, make sure you:

  • Exercise regularly – at least 3x per week for 45-60 minutes
  • Have some quiet time for yourself on a daily basis
  • Practice meditation or attend yoga classes
  • Talk about your problems!

In the end, don’t forgetĀ about many herbs and tonics in Ayurvedic medicine which are beneficial against hair loss and stress, like He Shou Wu and Maral Root.