The modern medicine has done so many good things for the mankind, but there are still some health problems that are best dealt with by using traditional medicine. Chinese medicine particularly deserves the praise, as it’s been around for several thousand years, during which it has evolved to become able to help with almost any health concern. But, apart from being great for that, traditional Chinese medicine is also appreciated for helping prevent some conditions.

In fact, today,a big majority of doctors do not look at the traditional medicine as a rival practice. Instead, they think of it an ally in the battle against fierce diseases. There’s a consensus in the scientific world that traditional medicine has the power to help prevent certain diseases from appearing.

Eating healthy and taking supplements made of traditional ingredients seems as a great way to prevent diabetes from happening, liver problems, obesity, hormone imbalance, and so on. Actually, the list of diseases that can be prevented with the help of traditional medicine is so huge that it would be pointless to list them all.

But, not every part of the traditional medicine actually works. In fact, because of some controversial recipes, the traditional medicine has shaken its reputation in the scientific circles. That’s why many turn to herbs like Pine Pollen to keep their health.

What is Pine Pollen?

Pine pollen has been an essential part of the traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, but it took a while since the rest of the world heard about its health benefits. One of the reasons why it still is not a familiar name is the fact that it’s not easy to get it.

First of all, you would need Chinese oil pine, a type of tree that grows in mountainous regions of China, at the altitude of about half a kilometer. But even if you manage to come upon this tree, you will need to wait the perfect time of year in order to collect the pollen from the male spores.

Of course, all of this sounds too complicated. The good news is that there is a better solution. Instead of trying to get it on your own, you can simply buy the pine pollen supplement. The best thing about it is that it contains all the ingredients needed to keep your body healthy. But, exactly which benefits you will get from using the pine pollen supplement? Here are seven of them!

Pine Pollen Boosts Testosterone in Men

Pine pollen is an ultimate source of phytoandrogens, substances produced by plants, which are very similar to the hormone testosterone. Actually, if taken in optimal amounts, phytoandrogens can mimic testosterone. What does this mean for your hormone levels? It means that the supplement has the potential to raise the testosterone levels in men, which will result in an increased libido, increased levels of energy, and general masculinity.

Pine Pollen Helps Women with Hormone Imbalance

Women suffering from any kind of hormone imbalance can solve this problem with the help of pine pollen. Again, it’s because of phytoandrogens, as the role of these substances is to bring the levels of hormones in the perfect range. Furthermore, phytoandrogens are the main enemy of xeno-estrogens, pro-hormones that are often responsible for causing breast cancer in women.

Pine Pollen Contains all Nutrients Your Body Needs

Pine pollen contains more than 200 different types of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients essential for your health. What this means is that you can say farewell to the expensive multi-vitamin supplements. You have all you need in pine pollen.

Pine Pollen is Great for Your Brain

When it comes to the brain function, it’s all about the antioxidants. These substances are responsible for eliminating free radicals, which can degrade the health of the brain. Basically, taking pine pollen on a regular basis is a way to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease or a similar issue that affects the brain.

Pine Pollen Prevents Catabolism

If you are working out too hard in the gym, you may end up losing the muscle mass instead of gaining it. It’s because the body will start using the muscle cells as the source of energy. This state is called catabolism. The solution for preventing this issue is to ingest a sufficient amount of amino-acids every day. This is where pine pollen comes in handy. Almost 30 percent of pine pollen is made of amino-acids, such as glutamine, isoleucine, leucine, and valine.

Pine Pollen Cleans Your Blood Vessels

Pine pollen is rich in alpha-Linolenic acid, one of two essential fatty acids, which have a number of benefits for the human health. They can help with liver problems, improve the brain health, do well for the kidneys, etc. Still, the best thing about this acid is that it helps reducing the levels of bad cholesterol, which is the main culprit for various cardiovascular diseases.

Pine Pollen Helps with a Hangover

Not only does pine pollen contain all essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it also contains enzymes that help the work of your digestive system. This makes it a perfect choice for treating a hangover. But, it doesn’t have to be used only for fatigue and headache caused by drinking, pine pollen will help you increase the energy levels no matter what. Every time when you feel jaded and in a need of a rest, feel free to take the pine pollen supplement.

Should You Buy Pine Pollen Straight Away?

Learning about these 7 benefits of pine pollen has probably made you think about buying it. But, believe us, these 7 are just a few of the many benefits of this supplement. In fact, pine pollen is a true superfood – it can cure certain diseases, prevent a number of health issues, and improve your general health. Furthermore, the pine pollen supplement has no known side effects, which means that it definitely deserves that you give it a try.